A Little Slice of Normal

I’m fascinated by the mundane.  The moments that we walk past continually and then, for reasons which are a mystery, these slices of normal catch your eye and you suddenly see them as if they are on display at a museum.  Here are a few slices that got me thinking about space, light, texture and the absurdity of the everyday.

Office Mannequin - Hillbrow

Bike Inside

Jacob on Andrew's Couch

Grey is the new Beige

Seeing New York in Hillbrow

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Pity the Fool

Yes, it’s a cardboard cutout Mr T in Cresta Shopping Centre endorsing something called a Flavour Wave.  Ameezing.

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Kideternity for Ever

Gee whiskers.  Kideternity has been busy. Busy being Kideternity and taking wonderful, eerie, strange and serendipitous photos, like this one.  Snapped out of the window of a moving car and left completely unedited or photoshopped.  The theory goes that through some anomaly this is the way that the iPhone captured movement.  I love, love the way the building stands wonky and Dr Seuss like as the backdrop.  Thank you Kideternity. You rock. Keep them coming. Ameezing.

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Eat, Pray, Read

I like starting days not knowing where they are going to take you.  On Thursday morning I found myself at the Greenside library.  A whole combi load of German Old Age Home ladies were there too.  The smell of library books made me think of  the childhood ritual of going to our local library once a week with my brothers, gran and mom and how exciting it was to take home a basket full of new-old books.

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Beauty and the Beast

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Woolworths, this afternoon.

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The streets have eyes

Thank you to kideternity for sending me this Buzz Light Year sighting.  If you have anything ameezing to share, do send it through, do.  camillajvv@gmail.com

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We can skate if we want to

Last night, pretending I didn’t have a 3:30am call time, I put on two pairs of socks and a warm jacket and headed out to the ice rink.  My parents met at the Durban Ice Rink and my brothers and I grew up having ice skating birthday parties so every now and again we like to take a skate down memory lane.

Unfortunately I arrived in Joburg after the heyday of the Carlton Tower ice rink,  friends have told me about their birthdays there in the eighties.  So now we head to Northgate, mostly on Tuesdays because its Cheap Skate night, that means half the price, double the skinny jeaned teenagers spraying ice in each others faces and triple the fun.

Dreads on Ice

Vintage Gloves on Ice

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Secret Icons of Joburg

Who are these lost souls? These urban nomads that wander through the streets.  Lives of unasked and unanswered questions.  This lady has been roaming Joburg for almost ten years now.  There are many nicknames for her.  Little Red Riding Hood (she always wears a hood or cape) is the one that seems to have stuck.  I have seen her over the years add layer after layer of strange capes and blankets and carry plastic bag after plastic bag full of mystery.  I made eye contact with her this morning and smiled.  She shook her head and looked away and muttered things that I couldn’t hear.  She is one of the many lost souls that seem to find purpose in wandering.  One of the secret icons of Joburg.

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Hello and Goodbye in pictures

This is Try.  Try got his name because he only has three legs.  Even though my fingers were numb with fear (I don’t like reptiles, give me spiders any day) I managed to touch his scales and was suprised by how plastic and waxy he felt.  The dog walked past and his neck area puffed up like a balloon.  I’m still not sure about reptiles, but maybe Try and I could get along.

Notes to set sail into the sky.

We were all standing looking at this gyroscope and I said, “I wish I wasn’t wearing a dress, I would love to try it”.  One of the guys said, “Here, use my shorts”.  And to my suprise took them off and handed them to me.  There was not much else to do but put them on and jump on the gyroscope.  It was fun to see the world upside down for a little while.

Lighting lanterns.

When I am 104 I would like one of these.

To use whilst wearing this.  Baby shower present for Eales/Baskind creature.

We had to put baby photos on the gifts.  This is Aadil and me.  When he saw this picture he said, “I would have held your hand round the playground anyday”.

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