Twenty Second Friend

In town this morning I stopped at a traffic light, looked right and saw this little guy looking back at me.  I put my window down, lifted my Blackberry and took a picture.  He didn’t move at all.  As I was putting my window back up he lifted his hand and gave me a thumbs up. I gave him one back as I drove away.  Thank you for making my day little twenty second friend.

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Between the lines…

Hi there Ameezing friends,

Boy, is it frustrating to be the quietest blogger in all the land when there are things to talk about.  Work has been an all consuming monster of late, but I will be back any minute now.

Even in grown up life, it still ameezes me that there is snow falling elsewhere whilst we are all running around in our aviators and flip flops.  Whether you will be having a snowing holiday or a swimming holiday, it will be here before we know it.  See you again soon soon x

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