Five Things Friday

What the what?!  It’s Five Things Friday.  A new feature here on Ameezing, every Friday, five ameezing things.  Hoorah!

This week:

Five Little Things That Make Me Very Happy

1.  Healthy, growing house plants

2.  Eating dinner with my urban family

3.  Changing the desktop picture on my laptop

4.  Black straws (and any straws)

5.  Another positive, safe day in Joburg (sounds crazy, but true)

[Image - Cup of Jo]

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Little Big People

Growing up in South Africa in the eighties, my wardrobe consisted mainly of a few party dresses my Gran had made and my older brother’s hand-me-down corduroys.  Mostly navy blue or brown and always worn away at the knees and bum.  Shame.  Nowadays I love the new trend (or maybe not so new the Victorians did it) of dressing kids less like kids and more like grown ups.  But not in a scary ‘beauty pageant of the corn’ kind of way.  Also, corduroy is back in.  Ameezing.

Here are some of my favourites:

[One and Two - The Sartorialist.  Three - Unknown. Four - Stockholm Street Style . Five - Unknown]

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[Image via Cubicle Refugee]

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Mr Ameezing’s household has a new kitten.  Her name is Nori.  I am in love.  Also, yesterday I learnt not to wear a 60 metre tulle skirt around a kitten.  In hindsight, that seems pretty obvious.

The 60 metre tulle skirt outfit (another Joel Janse van Vuuren ameezing) is from a new header picture shoot we did yesterday.  Coming soon!


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Five Things:

To Cure the Monday Blues.  Tried and Tested yesterday.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Go Swimming


Colour Co-Ordinate Things

Eat Sea Food

(This Photo was taken in Thailand in January.  Prawns the size of your head. Although even fish fingers will do.)

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Make Joel

The Ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren now has a blog! With ‘Fashion Monday’ and ‘Inspiration Wednesday’, it promises to be a visual sneak peak into what inspires Joel and his creative design process.  Ameezing! Check it out here.

The name ‘Make Joel’ comes from rediscovering a cardboard box of childhood bit and pieces.  Inside were all of the birthday cards that Joel had made when he was little.  On the back of all of them, wanting to say ‘Made by Joel’, he had written ‘Make Joel’, in big, scrawly letters.  Cool, no?

[First image via Make Joel]

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Monday Blues

I have the Monday Blues.  Bad.  But photographs of beautiful people with beautiful children and beautiful laugh lines make me feel a little better.

[Image - Annie Leibovitz]

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Weekend Textures






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On a cloudless Wednesday this week, I got lost.  So very lost, with not even gps signal, street names or tar roads for company.  Driving and driving across a David Lynch-esque landscape the sky seems an eerie shade of blue betrayal and after a while even horses start to look creepy.  It took me and hour and a half to get unlost.  Which was just in time because I had run out of water and snacks. I took some pictures incase I was lost for years and needed to document my journey back to civilization.

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Speaking of Scarves…

I bought this bad boy at Woolworths yesterday.  Can you ever have too many leopard print scarves? Is it weird to call a scarf ‘bad boy’?  The answer, dear ameezings, is no.

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