Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

I’m almost 32 and opening a bottle of wine, using a bottle opener, without needing stitches or spilling everywhere still makes me secretly super proud.

I love costume jewellery, love it.  I’m up to my mascared eyeballs in cool skull necklaces and edgy earrings and vintage brooches to make your granny jealous, but every now and again, just every now and again, I’d trade it all in for a ridiculously classic, fancy pants diamond something-something, you know?

I always thought the pinnacle of grown-up-ness would be matching side table lamps, and then I got them and all I could think was, to be a real real grown up I would need matching bed side tables too.

I sometimes worry that I left a big chunk of my soul in my twenties.

I sometimes worry that writing sentences like ‘I sometimes worry that I left a big chunk of my soul in my twenties’ makes me sound like a wet wipe.  A Dawson’s Creek-esque wet wipe.  Shamesies.

Ah, ‘Dawson’s Creek’.

And ‘My So Called Life’.  Jared Leto pre-music and vests.  And hair putty.

Summer is coming.  It’s time for more tattoos.  And more kissing.  ‘More tattoos and more kissing’.  That might just be what my next tattoo says. [Read more...]

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Joburg. Life. Love…Hair.



I used to have looong hair.  Always up, never swooshy and flowing like a beauty queen’s hair in a conditioner ad.  But long, none the less.  And then I got divorced and I was super determined not to be the cliche’ of a crying, single girl with tissues in one hand and a pair of scissors to chop all my own hair off in the other.

My single gal Rapunzel locks lasted 6 months until I woke up one morning, drove to my hairdresser, waited 3 coffees worth of time (I hadn’t made an appointment) and then begged her to cut all my hair off before I did.  Which I really would have, right there in the salon with the closest sharp object I could find. [Read more...]

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Good Boy, George.

Okay so, every time I’m alone in a room with a dog I’m pretty sure he’s going to talk to me.  Anyone else have that?

Not crazy car commercial, dog-chewing-peanut-butter kind of talking, but just gruff and in English and completely like he has been waiting for the room to clear of other people so that we can have a casual chinwag about Jennifer Aniston or climate change or whatever the heck happened to MySpace.

Case in point George (pictured above), my dear friend Lindsay’s noble hound who sat with me on the couch the whole way through the movie ‘Friends with Kids’.  Just George and I. Just like this.  And I’m pretty sure, if he’d wanted to discuss the plot or why Jennifer Westfeldt is looking more and more like an alien he would have.  But I think he, like me, was pretty involved in the story and was trying not to cry, like a girl, who cries in movies.  So we chose silence, and each other as movie watching pals.  Maybe next time.  Good boy, George.

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One Ameezing Russian Joburger

I’ve never really played group sports, I don’t participate in raffles and in any kind of crowd activity, I usually observe from afar or hide in the bathroom.  My Team Player Points are almost zero.  Blushy face.

But when I saw a link to my friend Ksenia’s new project I couldn’t help but jump on board and click.  And holy panda’s toenails, I’m so glad I did.

Being a long term, full time, pretty much terminal lover of Joburg, it’s always such a wonderous thing to discover other people’s love of this gritty, little, awesome city too.  And Ksenia has it it truck loads:

[Read more...]

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These Are Rad

Yes.  All I have to say about these rad guys is yes.  I’m imagining them lined up on a brightly coloured shelf right next to a Lena Dunham action figurine (Barbie Shmarbie) and an eco friendly Doll House that blows bubbles out of the chimney, has newspaper wallpaper and a little toy Prius in the doll house garage.  Rad.


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Nobleness is really, really, really attractive.  As is not being afraid to get your hands dirty.  And recycling.

Okay good.

[Image - Nanni Art Deco Postcard]

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Like John Loved Yoko…

Ooh, I love taking notes.  I love taking notes like John loved Yoko, like MacGyver loved mullets, like Bear Grylls loves his own pee.

I made this note on my iPhone on Saturday night.  On Sunday I sat down to write a post about this revelation.   About living in the now, and being your true self and finding joy in being thankful for who and what you have right now.  About the fact that a perfect life, parallel to the’ play-play’ one we find ourselves in, was never going to suddenly start.

But then I looked at the note and realised it was that simple.  This is it.  And it’s good.

PS. Dear Serious Face…

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Flying by the seat of my pants. In a skirt.

There are a few places in Joburg where taking photographs is really not allowed.  These places includes Woolworths (oh, the blushy faced, security-guard-tutting trouble I have gotten into), banks, some art galleries and China Mart.  China Mart is a glorious maze of warehouse type spaces where one can buy anything from ‘diamond’ necklaces to purple mannequins to that gorilla mask you have always wanted.

And one cannot take photographs.  Ever.  Not even sneaky phone ones where you make it look like you’re just reading an sms whilst admiring the horizon.  I have taken photographs all over Joburg.  On a sheep farm, at taxidermists, in a jail, in Pep, in churches, in places where I wasn’t supposed to but just coughed and did it anyway.  But never in China Mart.

Until today. [Read more...]

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Why Hello There

You Guys! Welcome.  Please do come in, have a look around.  Let’s drink tea, pick a sunny spot and make yourself at home.

Take a look at our new About page to see what all this hullabaloo is about.  It was an extremely fun piece to write.  Also check out ‘Popular Posts’ – in the right hand column.  These are determined by number of views, which means you can read what other ameezing readers have been loving!

And at the bottom of every post you’ll see ‘You might also like’ links.  These are related stories to the one you have just read.  Little boxes filled with new, little worlds.  Click until your hearts content.

I am so grateful and excited to be able to continue growing Ameezing and sharing all things Joburg, Life and love in this space.

And holy panda’s toenails, it’s good to have you here.

A huge thank you to my brother, Ty, for being the most patient and talented blog designing wizard I could have ever asked for.  Ameezing is super lucky to have you.  As am I.


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Tongue Kissing Skulls

One day, if I ever start a band it will be called ‘Tongue Kissing Skulls’.  I’ll be the drummer and back up singer.  Mostly because I can’t sing but like the idea of having a mike leaning over my drum kit.  This picture will be on the cover of our first album.  Man, I’m excited.

[Ooh, let's hug it out and keep in touch on twitter - @MsAmeezing]

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