Before Now

Last weekend at a dinner party, some friends and I were talking about how things move so quickly and how technology has shaped and changed our lives now.  My friend, Leetil Lauren, said, ‘My grandmother arrived in Joburg by ox wagon, and now she reads books on her Kindle.’  I’ve thought about that all week.

I took some pictures of Joburg last night from Shine Studios in Braamfontein.  Gritty, surreal, a little bit scary, a lot wonderful, imperfectly imperfect Joburg.  I freakin’ love this city.

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These Guys. These Things.

It’s probably unhealthy that I’ve had this picture saved on my desktop for a large amount of time now.  Probably. EmRy, you guys make me sigh like I’m in labour.

I’m Spring Cleaning at the moment.  It goes like this.  Walk into my bedroom.  Take four things out of my cupboard and throw them on the ‘To Charity’ pile on the floor.  Go make tea.  Half way through pouring steaming water in a mug have major Spring Cleaning remorse, hastily but gently place kettle back on the counter and dash back to the ‘To Charity’ pile, remove two (okay three) of the pieces and put them back into the cupboard.  I’m attempting to halve my wardrobe.  This is going to take a while.

Gap Basics.  Step aside Country Road, your cousin from out of town who used to have braces and wiry hair is here for the Summer, and she’s had a little make-over.  And now she’s probably going to steal your boyfriend and wear a waistcoat like you only wish you could.  Man, that was one helluva strange metaphor.

Helluva.  Not such a fan.

When you see someone in real life that you have gotten to know online and you feel all shy and don’t know what to say so you just try really hard not to go red and still be cool but you don’t know how because you only know how when you’re not with them, and lit by a glowing laptop screen, and drinking hot chocolate in your pyjamas.  And have time to think of witty things to say.

New York.  You’re on my mind like Rachel was on Ross-es.

When people say ‘I’m going to be honest with you…’, I always want to say, ‘You’re only starting now?!’

I’m going to stop taking baby clothes so personally.

I ate a vanilla cupcake at the Joburg Art Fair, it was expensive and tasted like melted plastic.  Now every time someone talks knowledgeably about the art at the Fair, all I can think about is the over-priced-melted-plastic vanilla cupcake.

Risking sounding like a colouring-in book here, Rainbows.  For being all the colours and just appearing in the sky.

Okay, these guys may or may not be on my desktop too…

[EmRy] and [BigRie]

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Apartment Gardening

Succulents are much prettier than cacti and much harder to kill than normal plants.  They also work  nicely in non-traditional gardening containers like ceramic vases and white glass bowls with weird knobbly bits.

This weekend I got my indoor gardening on.  Fun was had.  Corners were greened.  Tears were cried during the Katy Perry movie ‘Part of Me – 3D’.  Oh wait, no, that’s for another post.  This one’s about the ameezingness that is apartment gardening.  Yes.  Good.


…Baby You’re a Firework…

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My Summer ‘Essentials’

Let’s be real here for a moment Sugar Plums,  I think the only Summer ‘Essentials’ you really need are constant slatherings of sunscreen, loads of water (drinking and swimming) and your wits about you.  And maybe the occasional watermelon and feta cheese salad.

Infact, I’d probably sacrifice the sunscreen, water and my wits just for a chilled bowl of watermelon and feta cheese salad.  No I wouldn’t, I jest, I jest.

But let’s for a moment imagine that the editors of several international fashion magazines had sent me a group email saying -

‘Dear Ms Ameezing,

Forget the fact that we’re all about to go into Winter here in Europe, we’d love to hear your thoughts on ‘Summer Essentials’.  We eagerly await your blog post.

Kind Regards, The Editors of Several International Fashion Magazines.’

Who am I to turn down those guys? So here they are: [Read more...]

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Some things. Some places. And a tiny, white dog.

I read on someone’s blog the other day that Instagram has forced bloggers to write better content.  I totally agree with that theory.  Where before I would take a photo and base a post around it, now I take a photo, Instagram it and move on.

Blogging content has become more sacred (yip, I just used the words ‘blogging’ and ‘sacred’ in the same sentence.  Take that High Brows).

Instagram can tell a story in a single picture.  So if you’re going to tell a story with a crater full of words, you better have something to say.

It is with that thought that I don my sequined frock of irony and present to you this post, of  some of my recently Instagrammed photos.

I am msameezing on Instagram and MsAmeezing on Twitter.  Let’s hang out and do the dance of words and pictures, shall we?

PS. Holy Panda’s Toenails, High Brow sounds like Eye Brow.

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Critical Mass

Now, I don’t want to sound melodramatic or anything, but I think Critical Mass may have been one of the reasons I moved to Joburg almost 12 years ago.

Although I only heard about it a few months back, I think all this time and all this Joburg loving reached it’s peak on Friday night.  Rather magically, the night of a blue moon.  A Spring blue moon.

Critical Mass, an unofficial bike ride on the last Friday of every month, is held in cities all over the world.  People and their bikes, and the night sky.  Just that.  For the people, by the people.

I arrived in Braamfontein with my bike, my skateboard helmet and not one but two Kelloggs Special K bars.  Cyclists were milling around wearing everything from full branded riding gear to jeans and t-shirts.  And there was beer.  I had been worried about my level of cycling fitness (which is just above zero) but when I saw the jeans and the beer and the fairy lights wrapped around bikes, I knew I would be just fine. [Read more...]

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