Hide and Seek

Hey You Guys! Remember that time I said, ‘I’m back!’ and then didn’t blog for ten whole days?  Blushy face.  So, I’m retracting my backness.  I’m not back, because I was never gone.  This is a long conversation we’re having here, you and I.  And sometimes, we’ll sit in silence for a while and look out of the window as the scenery whizzes by.  And sometimes, there will be words raining down around us like that scene in ‘Limitless’.

But I’m always here.  Trying to be a little more consistent.  Sometimes getting it right and sometimes just curling up to re-watch yet another Newsroom episode.  I swearsies, if The Newsroom was on VHS I’d have to borrow your copy by now because mine would definitely be stretched and worn out.

Often, I really struggle with what to say here.  You see, I’ve gotten brave with words now, they don’t scare me nearly as much as they used to.  But writing the kind of posts that take braveness also take time.  I have a draft section filled with almost finished posts (and some of them don’t even have the word ‘divorce’ in them!).  But its the inbetweeners that make me scratch my head like a cartoon character. [Read more...]

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The problem with taking a little blogging vacation is how to come back.  Much like an overseas phone call, do you only speak about the big things that have happened? Tell a few small stories?  Pretend like there hasn’t been a gap and just carry on?!

I’m sure somebody, somewhere would say, ‘Just be yourself.’  So here goes:

I became a ginger.  I have talked about going ginger twi-ice on Ameezing before and then two weeks ago I finally got my brunette be-hind to the hairdresser.

The highlight of the experience was when the lady who had already put hair dye on half of my head said, ‘Are you sure you’re ready to be a red head?  It drives men crazy.’  Start taking your Prozac men, because it happened.

So far my memorable experiences as a red head have mostly come from people who know me but don’t recognise me at all.  And one guy who said I looked like Lana Del Ray.  But I’m still deciding how I feel about that one.

It’s Spring.  As hard as I try not to talk about the weather, I just do, all the darn time.  It has rained and hailed and flowers have blossomed and trees have greened.  All right on time.  I think if the weather was human, I’d really want to be her friend.  I like how She is consistent yet surprising and also kind of does exactly what She wants.  No matter what people say.  High five Lady Weather.  [Read more...]

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