Date Night with a Lady

Hair straightened – check.  Impossibly gold jacket with impossibly large shoulder pads – check. Snake skin high tops – check.

Tonight it’s you and me, Lady G.


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Shopping. Photographs. Fairy Lights.

Sometimes I shop by Whatsapp chat.  Three girls, one group chat called ‘Gurlfriends’ and into the shops I go.  It feels like I’m living in the future to snap a photograph and send it off into nothingness and wait for the ‘Um, no’ or the ‘Please get me one too’.

And oh my shopping companions.  Lindsay-Jane does classic, chic, New York minimalist like no bodies business and Miss Cara Birdie does sparkly, pink heels and long, blonde locks like no bodies business.  Some highlights include,  ‘I think you two are on crack’,  ‘This is totally different from that time I bought palazzo pants’ and just a simple thumbs down emoticon.  Today, these shoes got that emoticon from one third of the trio.

Is it weird to travel with your own set of fairy lights? I’m going to work in Cape Town for a couple of weeks.  And it’s almost Christmas and what if my B+B doesn’t have fairy lights strung up for the festive season?  So I’m taking my own.  Yes?  Yes. [Read more...]

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I really like days that unfold completely differently to how you imagined they would.  Today was one of those days.

Beauty and the Beast

Birthday card with surprise ticket to Gaga for Joel.

Tipp-Ex, you clam.

These guys and that guy.  More here.

Jocelyn.  Who said to me today, “You look like a Bond Girl.  Except really, really, really (she said ‘really’ 3 times) short”.

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A Post About Postless Tuesday

Okay, I skipped a day.  But I can explain.  Yesterday’s post, all 385 words of it, was spell checked and ready to send into the world.  I was about to hit ‘Publish’ when I suddenly realised that I hated it.  It was all wrong.  Too long, too weird and not at all what I wanted to say.

It needed an overhaul.  And overhauls take time.  So I set about to write a whole new post.  First it was about Botox (we’ll come back to that, swearsies) and then it was about my ameezing friend Cara (the two topics are completely unrelated, I double swearsies).

I was playing tug of war with words and sentences and paragraphs and losing terribly.  Nothing sounded right, or even a little bit funny.  But I waged on. And on.

And then, the power went out.  It was 10pm and with no laptop battery or internet I decided to admit defeat.

But, bravely forward, Ameezings.  Today is a new day.  A new day to play tug of war with words and sentences and paragraphs.  And today I am wearing gloves made of titanium and determination. Rah!


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Topshop – Take Two

More than a few years ago now, I worked at Topshop on Oxford Street in London, in the women’s underwear section.

My department was made up of all the girls not quite edgy enough to be selling jeans or leather jackets, so we, the more wall-flowery, shy employees ended up in the underwear department.  We were a some what motley bunch,  like pirates with lunch boxes and good intentions.  A Russian girl, four British girls, an Australian girl and me.

Our shifts were long and tiring.  Sometimes I wore heels because I wanted to feel fancy.  Largely the heel wearing times turned into blisters and tears on the bus home times, but mostly, the experience of working there was incredibly eye opening.  I learnt a lot, hung a lot of underwear back onto hangers and saw a lot of tourist’s boobs. [Read more...]

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Park Life

This afternoon 11 of us humans and 4 of our dogs went on a dusk stroll at Emmarentia Dam.  It’s funny, sometimes events can be planned and scheduled and talked about for months and then other times, a few last minute texts and a call or two later, you find yourself surrounded by friends and their hounds, having the best time, doing something so simple like going for a walk, together, as the sun goes down.



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The Ink Has Long Since Dried

She cut it open and peeled it off.  Her skin.  It came away not as she expected, oozing and pussing like melted cheese.  But like silk, off curves, after dinner,  before the lovemaking.

[Originally here.]

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Blogging and Dating

Let’s talk about blogging and dating.  Oooh.  A lot of the blogs that I follow are written by women who are very happily settled, partnered, married.  Still more are written by gorgeous, edgy single gals who make leather pants look not weird and exist in a world of only good hair days.

What of the in between?  Should one remain quiet until enough time has passed for things to feel a little less new?  Slowly incorporate the other person? Keep quiet all together?  Hey humans, where is the instruction booklet on this?

Blogging, writing the story of moments, always makes things seem more weighted (for better or for worse) than they are.  This thing happened, we were both there and now, now I am writing about it.  On the internet!

And what if it doesn’t work out?!  Do you just continue to take people on the journey of that story? Say things like ‘get back on the horse’ and something about fish and the sea (I solemnly swear to never use either of those.)

I’ve decided to shimmy on with as much honesty as possible.  Here and IRL.  Perhaps a little cryptic at first, or always.  But writing the tale of an adventure (no matter what happens) seems like a damn fine idea.

On that note, Tall One, um, you are the bee’s knees.


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The School of 2012

It’s 10:24pm. Technically still today.  Day three.

Maybe list writing is cheating.  Although, list writing is always guaranteed to bring about rainbows and a sense of organisational glee. So here now, at 10:25, a little before the clock strikes midnight and it’s onto the next post, is a list of Five Things I Learnt in the School of 2012:

Olives.  To my undignified palate, olives had always tasted like eating a rock that had been left in the sea.  But then I decided that I wanted to be an olive eater.  And slowly, determinedly starting eating those weird, little nuggets until they tasted delicious. Like more.  Like being an olive eater.  This lesson is both about olives and about deciding on something and sticking to it.  Go olives.

Get your picture taken by a stranger.  Sometimes it won’t be in focus, sometimes, the whole frame will be mysteriously tilted and you won’t necessarily be looking at the camera, but sometimes, it’s just cool to see a moment through someone else’s eyes.

Travel.        Travel. Travel.

Okay, this one I may have read on Pinterest, but it really did change the way I looked at things.  Be curious, not judgemental.  Sounds like it belongs on a R27.50 magnet at CNA, no? But the more I thought about it, the more I realised what an important lesson that was. Especially for a person whose place of safety was long distance judgemental nose scrunching.  What a ridiculous, unfulfilling pastime.  Judgement is an abrupt full stop, but curious is the beginning of a conversation.  And conversations are where the good stuff happens.  Knowwhadimean?

The difference between doing something and not doing something is doing something and not doing something.  And I didn’t even read that on Pinterest.

There is not some secret coven of coolness happening without you. This is life. Right now. Unfolding.  It’s simple and complicated and scary and wonderful. But this is it.  And now and honesty are pretty much all we have.  So best we scoop them up, untangle the string and fly that kite across a cloudless sky.


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This Is Who We Are

The first post that I wrote on Ameezing was about Joburg.  Living in Joburg, loving in Joburg, surviving in Joburg.

I’ve been here for twelve years now.  In this city during these storms and those power failures and endless days of sunshine and endless nights of cautious possibilities.  It took me almost a decade in Joburg to realise that this place had become a part of who I was, how I saw things and how I moved through the world.

It made me see good things with an exhilaration that rarity brings and see bad things with an optimism that practiced, chosen cheeriness brings.  It made me appreciate friends and good weather.  It showed me how to do more than was expected, be more than people thought was possible and to dry those futile tears and just get the heck on with it.

Joburg takes great delight in holding your hand and leading you down a path of darkness, black ink across a white page, a path so vivid and real that it begins to feel like all there is.  And just when seeing starts to seem like something you used to do, the darkness is gone. Replaced by a new day, a positive moment, let’s face it, the smell of a braai at sunset.

[Read more...]

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