4 Life-Changing Things I Learnt From Blogs

Not to seem like a crazy pants (I guess the above picture isn’t helping that cause) but blogging changed my life.  I’ve always loved writing.  In school I kept journals, some of these journals even had locks on them.  Such was the seriousness (and WASPy-ness) of their contents.  In grown up life, in my twenties when all kinds of things were happening, writing was a way of exhaling, talking to pages that sat silently in understanding, an exercise in exorcising.

And then along came blogging. [Read more...]

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Here is my lounge moments before hosting its first party of 2013.  It did very well.  This year, as seems to be a general movement, I really want to spend more time with friends at home. Entertain more.  Entertain with the ease of someone who always has ice and olives.  And champagne.

Here I am, holding a giant ball of wool in a tiny holiday town in December.  I borrowed this picture from my brother Joel (joeljanse on instagram). Joel has just been in British Vogue. The British Vogue.  High Five Little Genius.

Fear not Fashionistas, here are my style secrets: my shirt is from a charity store ten years ago (I mean, thrifted) and my hair has been styled using days of frizz-inducing coastal humidity and not washing.  Thank you.

Here is the picture where I confess that I ate McDonalds this weekend.  Oh the weird, delicious, nauseating shame.  Does it make it any better that I watched the new period drama ‘The Paradise’ at the same time? Watching people eat a meal with six different kinds of silver forks as I eat french fries with my hands.  The past meeting the present.  Oh how the past would shake their heads and send us off to live with a strict aunt in the country.

And how was your weekend?  Tell me everything!

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And speaking of the depths of winter…

I remember once in London, right near the end of a long, grey Winter, round about the time where it felt like the collective wishing of pasty skinned people would will Spring into arriving sooner, it started to snow.  Little, white flakes of icy betrayal.

My favourite memory of the day it started to snow during almost Spring, was standing in front of a department store window, peering into the most gorgeous, lush display of green palm trees (they must have shipped in from somewhere) and the prettiest mannequins in the prettiest, yellow bikinis.  Summer in a life-sized terrarium.  So there I stood, snow falling all around me, taking in this wonderfully surreal, wonderfully fake, tropical scene of a moment we were all dreaming of.

Cut to 16 January 2013.  The middle of Summer.  And I can’t, for the all sunblock in Dischem, stop being wooed by pictures of cute girls in cute beanies, and cute jackets and cute snow boots.  Winter is just so darn cute.  So here now, as I sip on iced water, and get blasted by the standing fan that could, are some of my favourite looks for Winter.  Just now Winter.  Cute.

If you can’t find me in May, I’ll be at home knitting this beanie and rolling around on my bed trying to achieve this bed head perfection. [Read more...]

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In Search of Inspiration

Two weeks into the year and I’m not sure what to do with my new year/new found motivation to make and do wonderful things.  I have the will, I just don’t have the way.  Yet.

Inspiration seems to come from strange and unexpected places.  But in the last while, I feel like my sunglasses are one shade too dark and I can’t see the magic for the traffic.  Do you ever get that?

Pinterest makes me feel terribly intimidated and a little bit like I need a snooze, everywhere I look people seem to be surrounded by a glow of post holiday haze, all motivated and ready to take on the year, bloggers’ New Year’s Resolutions are flying around like Lena Dunham’s awards (athankyou) and I just feel a little overwhelmed by all the Get-Up-And-Go-ness that is going on in this time of new beginnings. [Read more...]

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A Few Good Things

I feel like he is humouring me.  And I love that about him.

Oh you geometric delight.  Last one on the Mr Price shop floor.  Covered with the footprints of many shoppers. Bought it for almost nothing, took it home and washed it and right there it shall live.  Waiting patiently for the retro wood and glass coffee table that will soon wander into my life.  (Thank you one million kisses worth to Miss Nola for the carpet tip off.)

Mama Woolies does it again.  This stuff is delicious. Sweeter than you expect.  Enjoy with ice, vodka, or straight out of the bottle in front of the fridge when no one is looking.

Happy Weekend Ameezings.

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Ocean Chocolate

I grew up in Durban.  A humid, jungle-y, coastal place.  I was never really friends with the ocean.  I was always a little afraid and assumed she would prefer blonde girls with Bad Girl bikinis, rather than brunette girls with tummy rolls and blushy, pimpled faces.

I would go swimming, but mostly with my older brother, who would scoop me up out of tumble dryer waves or hold me above the water when I couldn’t stand.  Assisted swimming.  Disguised as sibling swimming.  I always hoped she couldn’t tell the difference. [Read more...]

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This is not a drill.

Hello Reader.  Hello 2013.  Hello words being tap-tapped out across a keyboard. Hello Blog.  Hello Joburg.  Hello Friends.  Hello New Readers.  Hello people who said, ‘Write! Damnit Write!’

Hello 33rd year of life.  Hello Mama.  Hello Boyfriend (ooh woo woo).  Hello new polka dot scarf.  Hello failed experiment of writing a post everyday for a month.  Hello no babies.  Hello Ants.  Hello almost mermaid hair.  Hello not being so hard on myself.

Hello 2nd tattoo.  Hello New York in September.  Hello Australian Friendamily.  Hello book written by a girl called Camilla.  Hello large amounts of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate.  Hello new opportunities.  Hello cooking (one Thai Green Curry down already).  Hello leather jacket, this is the year we find each other.

Hello here.  Hello now.  Hello.

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