Sleeping Under The Stars

The last time I went camping was before I had kissed a boy.  I was going to say the last time I went camping was before I started wearing a bra, but for all you know, that could have been last Wednesday.  It was 1992.

I’m going camping!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Camilla x

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I did a shoot wearing a jumpsuit in pursuit, of a better day.

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…the rest is still unwritten.

Where else but right here would you find a Natasha Bedingfield lyric in 2013?

So that’s a picture of my head.  It’s huge! (The picture and my head.)  I’ve started wearing dangly earrings again.  We haven’t chatted about dangly earrings in a while.  And yet the world still turns?!

Wearing dangly earrings again feels strange and exciting and no different from wearing not dangly earrings.

I promise this is about to get better.

Writing consistently requires loads of note taking.  I’m constantly writing stuff down, saving ideas in the ‘Notes’ section of my phone whilst taking for the traffic light to go green, scribbling sentences on the back of director’s treatments (sorry directors, I gotta do what I gotta do), on parking tickets, business cards, lunch slips.  Sometimes it’s a simple ‘write about …’, which is where yesterday’s post came from, sometimes it’s a whole paragraph, the beginning of a story, or just exactly what is happening where I am right then.  One note that remains a mystery says ‘write about bees and shoes’.  You guys, what could that mean?! I really can’t remember.

Here are a whole bunch of these kind of notes.  Little ideas that never made it to the light.  Until now. [Read more...]

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Judging Dread

Can I get a high five for this heading? Hoo Haah *palm smash*

Dread is a heavy word, isn’t it?  It weighs a lot to feel it, to hide feeling it, to give it the time of day when it won’t let you do anything else.  A word made of cement and worry and unsettling discomfort.  A heavy, heavy word.

I used to think that it didn’t really matter how negative your thoughts were, as long as no one could tell you were thinking them.  I don’t think that anymore.  In fact, I dropped that thought in the sand and ran and ran until I saw Egypt and the moon rising and another month peeling off the calendar like dead skin from a sun burnt arm.

One of my goals this year was to shed dread.  That feeling that comes on Sunday night, or when someone asks you a question and you don’t know the answer.  Or the fact that it’s Tuesday morning when you want it to be Saturday afternoon.  Whatever the disease, dread is the symptom.  And I went searching for the cure. [Read more...]

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Into the Light

I realised last night that these three pictures, from a very busy but good last few days, were destined to live in a post together.

This week I found myself set dressing ‘nice looking’ rubbish into a bin for a shoot (sur-real), waking up before 5am 5 days in a row, having the most fun at a grown up (but most fun) birthday party.  Gilli, you’re a party throwing genius.  And hugging my friend Ryan as much as I could.  Which will be a general theme over the next few months.

Have a great weekend.

High five made of rainbows,

Ms Ameezing

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Vintage Ameezing

For the whole of Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be spending the day and some/a lot of the night shooting in studio.  But dry those eyes you guys, here are a few links to some Vintage Ameezing posts to keep you company until I’m back on Friday.


I shook the whole time whilst writing this post.

A post about a nun and a Woolworths mannequin.

Frankie Baskind‘s first day on earth.

Joburg taught me.

A story about holding hands with a stranger (that actually happened to me).

Almost time to haul this out again.  Yessss.

A letter to teeny me, granny meTina Fey and Mindy Kaling.

My favourite sound.

Old people love.

I’m really proud of this post.

That time I saw a Ghostbusters cloud.

And how Ameezing began.


[I am @MsAmeezing on Twitter and msameezing on Instagram.  Let's hang.]



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Old Flame

Some days, my car is my office and Joburg is my work space.  Monday was one of those days.  And for a reason that is a mystery I suddenly saw the city afresh.  My old flame with new eyes.  I took these three pictures at three different moments of the morning.  I like that they are real and a little messy and unashamedly imperfect.  Kind of like Joburg itself.

More on my old flame Joburg.

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‘What’s a weekend?’ – Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey

This weekend I watched Autumn leaves and chilly rain fall.  All at once.  A choir of elements singing in the new season.

Lay on the couch with My Tall Drink of Water and snoozed, like a real weekend having person should.

Ate burgers from a food truck in the burbs.  It felt just like it looks in the movies.

Practiced not standing like a baby t-rex every time a camera was in sight (it’s a marathon-not-a-sprint kind of thing).

Played darts.  And got a dart to stay on the board one in every three tries.  Yessss.

Took a tuk tuk. These are new in Joburg.  And although it felt a little like raising your hands in the air when you are upside down on a roller coaster (Joburg traffic is not for the faint hearted) it was a fast, cheap and relatively safe way of getting around.

Went to see the movie Sleeper’s Wake with my brothers and our friend Stiaan, who was also in the movie. Woaw.  High fives Stiaan for being a humble, ameezing performer.

Ate poached eggs with friends and marvelled at their excellent company.

Decided not to cut a fringe.

Decided to tell you guys that I decided not to cut a fringe.

And hugged my dear friend Ryan as much as I could.

Doing the ol’ ‘use a hat to hide the light switch so it doesn’t look like its growing out of my shoulder’ trick.  Just like they do in Milan.

And you guys?  How was your weekend?


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An Army of Plastic Friends

This army of plastic friends and I wish you a happy, ameezing weekend.

PS.  Mannequins last made an appearance on Ameezing in 2010! (Still one of my favourite posts.)

PPS. Welcome back to Joburg Ryan.  This city is better for your company.

PPPS.  Boobs.

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Huggin’ it out with Imperfection

Dear Blog,

How are you?  I am ameezing.

Here is some news from my side.  Despite my giant, alien shaped head, terrific under bite and not so perfect pearly whites, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me.

Why Dear Blog?  Because I am huggin’ it out with imperfection.  No more will lack of snazzy cameras, high heeled shoes and New York backgrounds stand in the way.

This is my story and this is what it looks like.  I don’t really know how to not stand like a new born baby T-Rex, it’s hard to look anywhere but down and sometimes the pictures won’t even be in focus (sharp inhale from fancy pantses everywhere) but I want to remember this stuff, I want to get better at this stuff, I want to stop using fear as a reason to not do stuff.

And I like that in a time of so much gloss (and hey, I love the gloss too) I can take pictures of a moment because it is happening.  Even though it may be a little dark and/or my T-Rex stance in particularly T-rexy that day.

So I’m holding hands with this stuff and skipping off into the sunset.  On camera, obs.

Let’s do this!

Love Camilla

My jacket is from Zara.  Wearing it makes me feel like the secretary of a rock band.  On tour but also making sure they all eat balanced meals and remember to take their vitamins.

A thank you.

And thanks Joelie-Joel for taking these pictures.

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