A love letter to the broken hearted

Dear You and You and You and once upon a time Me and You and You,

There’s something about a broken hearted heart, isn’t there?  It hurts a specific kind of pain.

Somewhere between a splinter under your nail and a chicken pox scab.  Somewhere between being stuck in traffic and getting to the fair just as it is closing.  Between smashing your favourite vase and forgetting your best friend’s birthday.

A disappointed, achy, dull, sharp kind of broken.

But I want You and You and once upon a time Me and You and You to know that broken can be fixed.  Does get fixed.  Just darn fixes itself sometimes.  If life was a cartoon I would have always believed that hearts were made of porcelain, glass, smashy kind of smashy stuff that smashes easily.  But I would be wrong.  If life were a cartoon, hearts would be made of elastic or chewing gum or some kind of kid’s movie green goo that oozes apart and slowly creeps back together.  Until quite unexpectedly – the plot line no one thought possible, it is whole again.

I’m sure there are far more eloquent ways to say that everything is going to be alright.  But I’m going with goo.  Dear You, whenever you are this You, know that it’s going to be okay.  Goo can’t be smashed.  Hearts can be unbroken.  Love is unending in places, people and moments you never thought to imagine.

Live like we love in a cartoon world of unending goo.


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