4 Life-Changing Things I Learnt From Blogs

Not to seem like a crazy pants (I guess the above picture isn’t helping that cause) but blogging changed my life.  I’ve always loved writing.  In school I kept journals, some of these journals even had locks on them.  Such was the seriousness (and WASPy-ness) of their contents.  In grown up life, in my twenties when all kinds of things were happening, writing was a way of exhaling, talking to pages that sat silently in understanding, an exercise in exorcising.

And then along came blogging.

I think my friend Lindsay-Jane told me about blogsThis one in particular.  They seemed at the time like online journals of regular people.  Fascinating.  My friend Kezia (thanks Lindsay-Jane and Kez!) suggested that I start a blog. Me, whose knowledge of all things online ended with typing in the password of my Hotmail account.

So here we are.  Like a pretty, little reptile Ameezing has shed her first skin already (that’s a weird metaphor for a blog make over) and continues to grow.  Yesterday, right after I suddenly realised that blogging has changed my life, I suddenly realised that there are blog posts, written by bloggers that I now know and love, that have changed my life too.  Actually changed the way that I see things, or do things, or see and do things.  So, in the grand tradition of blogging, here is a list, of 4 Life-Changing Things I Learnt From Blogs:


1.  Be Fearlessly Honest with your Writing.  Or Fearfully Honest.  Just Be Honest.

At first, I thought that blogs were supposed to be about make-up tutorials and Outfits of the Day, and then I read this post.  From A Blog About Love.  Here was a lady who was recently divorced and spoke about it. Whaaat? With openness and truth and a fearlessness that I hadn’t encountered before.  She wrote about how it felt, what she learnt, what to do next, how it had happened, why she still believed in love.  Her honesty and warmth weren’t a breath of fresh air, they were air itself.  Air that I breathed in and began to understand and took inspiration and braveness from.  Air that once breathed, can not be unbreathed.  Knowhadimean?

2.  Stop Washing Your Hair

One day, along came a blogger called Natalie.  Natalie wrote an article on Babble about this stuff called Dry Hair Shampoo.  She stopped washing her hair for 7 days and just used this magical Dry Hair Shampoo.  Her hair was easier to style, much less oily and she suddenly had Parisian girl curls.  I read this. I tried it. I fell in love.  With Natalie.  And with Dry Hair Shampoo.  Game changer. Natalie is now my favourite blogger.  Blushy face.

3.  How to Talk to Little Girls

I love talking to children.  Their honesty is frightening and fascinating.  I was always guilty of starting a conversation with a little girl about her looks, her pretty hair or something she was wearing.  And then I read this.  An article about talking to little girls about ideas and books instead of their appearance.  Steering away from starting a conversation about looks teaches little girls that what they are wearing isn’t as important as who they are.  I loved reading this article.  It changed the way I speak to children and will hopefully one day shape the conversations that I have with my own little people.  The article is from A Cup Of Jo, an incredibly well written, diverse blog by a very stylish New York mama.

4.  Don’t Be Afraid of D.I.Y

Yes, D.I.Y can be life-changing.  D.I.Y always just seemed impossible.  I don’t own a glue gun, we don’t have an Ikea and who has time to hand make note books anyway?  And then I stumbled upon the girls at A Beautiful Mess.  These vintage loving, D.I.Y warriors post everyday (sometimes more than once) and are fearless in their craftiness.  If they are unsure how to do something they ask their dad (cuuute), research or just try, and try again until experimenting turns to success.  They taught me that I too can make a headboard(!), my own candles, a carpet and re-purpose pretty much anything that I own, just by having an idea. I became D.I.Y enabled.  I can’t recommend them enough.  So here is the link to their blog again A Beautiful Mess.


And You, Dearest One?  What are your favourite blogs? Posts that changed your life? Come on over, take a seat, hot chocolate?  Let’s chat.


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  1. Bernadette Chin says:

    My advice is, don’t read happy housewife/ organised mummy blogs. Reading them makes you feel inferior and concerned that your house or children don’t look ‘just so’. Though one of the blogs I was reading, the lady that wrote it ended up having a meltdown because she had to work so hard to keep up the pretense. Shame.
    My fave is Ameezing (no jokes). The honesty, integrity and downright human writing of yours is truly inspiring. :-)

  2. Leetil one says:

    my favorite blogs are Ameezing because i love learning new things about my best friend every time i read it. The others are Skunkboy and a Beautiful Mess. I haven’t really had the time to find other ameezings xxx

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