*A fork clink clinks against a champagne glass

Hey Errbody.  It’s Monday, it’s September, it’s Spring and Ameezing has a coupla new header pictures.  Yeah!  I’ve also taken the Instagram feed away from the side of the blog to give the content a little more space to boogie.  But let’s hang on Instagram too if you like, I am MsAmeezing.  (Above are three of my favourite instagrams of my house.)

I learnt this weekend that sneezing whilst carrying a full cup of tea is very, very challenging.

Also, that courage is eating alone in a restaurant on a Sunday night.  With no make-up on.  Pizza specifically.  Which has to come a close third to birthday cake and lobsters as the most social food of all the foods traditionally eaten in a big, jolly group of people.  Have you ever eaten dinner alone in a restaurant?  I highly recommend it to anyone, young, old, older, single, married for a life time, it’s complicated.  Somewhere between ordering your drink and paying the bill you learn brand new things about yourself.  And the world.  And the restaurant business.  I guarantee it.

A rainbow of high fives and thank yous must go to my brother Ty.  For being the magician of all things technical on Ameezing (without him my experience of social media would end at a hotmail account), for being a kind and genius editor of words and ideas and all round creative, ameezing human person.  Thanks Shmy.

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  1. Tshepo says:

    Eating by myself is one of my faves. You are so right. From the time you choose the right table to when you order and pay the bill, you are constantly learning about yourself. You get to meet a new part of yourself.

    Awesome post!

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