A Green Skirt and Some New Year’s Resolutions

Top – Vintage  Skirt – Ameezing Joel  Shoes – Woolworths

As mentioned, I’ve never ever made New Year’s resolutions.  Until now!  Here’s my virgin list of resolutions. I’m going to be checking back on them regularly and feel really excited to tick this list off one by one.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


Remember people’s names when we first meet (Until now, I have been terrible at this)

Get written work published

Travel to Australia and see two of my favourite people say ‘I do’

Go on a blind date (half because I never have and half because I think it will make for a great post(!)

Shop at smaller grocery stores (Woolworths, I do love you but your death by packaging and sameness is not a look anymore)

Spend a night in a  fancy Joburg hotel

Print out and sort more photos

Make over my bedroom

Get two new tattoos.  Yip, two

Be braver, bolder, less afraid, more open

Share yours below if you like. I’d love to hear them.  Here’s to an ameezing 2012.

[Thanks to Ameezing Joel for taking these frock pics]

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  1. ant L says:

    Good resolutions, niece. And good legs!

  2. Camilla you look like my little girl in Joel’s great green frock. And two tattoos, wow! Remembering the names is such a good idea, just takes practice, I’m sure. You will remember the name when you meet the person, but will you remember after three months?

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