A Hot Tip on Watching 3D Movies

These two overly happy, little nincompoops are The Ever-Lovely Lindsay and I in Thailand a few years ago, about to watch Avatar in 3D.  (Did you know that in Thailand just before the movie starts everyone stands and sings the National Anthem?)

These were the 3D glasses (goggles) that we were given.  And holy panda’s toenails, they were amazing.  No slipping down your nose, or pinching your skin or letting light in from the sides.  Sadly, our 3D glasses here look nothing like these, and I mostly seem to skip 3D movies all together because well, they are weird and also because the glasses are so uncomfortable.

Not anymore dear ones, thanks to this ameezing 3D glasses advice I heard the other day: 

If you have a face as narrow as a teenage monkey’s face, as I do, ask for the kiddie 3D glasses.  Boom.  Oh the difference it makes.  The whole way through ‘Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter’ I didn’t even notice that I was wearing them.  They fit comfortably, didn’t slip down my nose and I’m sure are also responsible for me leaving the cinema not feeling like I’ve been on the spinning tea cups for a century (which is how I usually leave a 3D movie).  Ameezing.

PS. The entire team at Ameezing Incorporated does not recommend or endorse ‘Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter’.  We rather recommend taking a walk, decoupaging a hat stand, making and eating a stack of Oreo pancakes as high as a kettle, individually plucking your moustache hairs, phoning an ex from high school and pretty much anything else that involves not watching ‘Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter.’  Okay good.


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  1. Movan says:

    Ok, so you think we shouldn’t watch ‘Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter.’ :-)
    I’m glad you found the right size 3D glasses though!

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