A Parcel of Deer, etc.

My friends James sent me a Whatsapp (what is the correct way to say that? Whatsapp-ed me?!) yesterday that said, ‘The collective noun for deer is a parcel.  A parcel of deer.  Thought you would like that’.  He was right.  So began a conversation about ameezing collective nouns.  A skulk of foxes, a murder of crows, a journey of giraffes, a crash of rhinos, an ambush of tigers, an armoury of aardvarks, a shrewdness of apes, a bellowing of bullfinches, a rabble of butterflies, a clutter of cats, a coalition of cheetahs, a business of ferrets, a kindle of kittens, an implausibility of platypuses, a drift of swans, an unkindness of ravens.  How delicious.  I wonder if there is a collective noun for an ameezing collection of collective nouns?

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