A Post About Postless Tuesday

Okay, I skipped a day.  But I can explain.  Yesterday’s post, all 385 words of it, was spell checked and ready to send into the world.  I was about to hit ‘Publish’ when I suddenly realised that I hated it.  It was all wrong.  Too long, too weird and not at all what I wanted to say.

It needed an overhaul.  And overhauls take time.  So I set about to write a whole new post.  First it was about Botox (we’ll come back to that, swearsies) and then it was about my ameezing friend Cara (the two topics are completely unrelated, I double swearsies).

I was playing tug of war with words and sentences and paragraphs and losing terribly.  Nothing sounded right, or even a little bit funny.  But I waged on. And on.

And then, the power went out.  It was 10pm and with no laptop battery or internet I decided to admit defeat.

But, bravely forward, Ameezings.  Today is a new day.  A new day to play tug of war with words and sentences and paragraphs.  And today I am wearing gloves made of titanium and determination. Rah!


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