A Resolution about New Year’s Resolutions

Confession time… I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution.  Not ‘I’ve never kept one’.  I’ve just never even made one to start.  Blushy face.  Every year, at this time, if someone asks about resolutions I squint my eyes and vaguely answer something about exercising more or drinking more water, maybe even throw in a ‘take more risks’ if the moment grabs me.  But I’ve never actually sat down, made a list, stuck it to my bathroom mirror and then stuck to it.  Come what may.   No more, dear ameezlings, no more.

Armed with this inspiring post on keeping New Years Resolutions and the book ‘Getting Things Done’ – David Allen, I’m ready.  I’ve always been afraid (a general problem) that I wouldn’t be able to stick to them, or worse, would fail if I tried.  But this year, there is stuff I want to get done.  Small stuff, big stuff, stuff that’s not going to achieve itself, stuff.  So I’m boldly going where Ameezing has never gone before, to the land of New Year’s Resolutions.  The List…coming soon.

Do you make NYR’s?  Do you stick to them? What are they?
Do tell, do!

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  1. little one says:

    well, first, beautiful photo of you loo. next, i think i make one every couple of years. i dont make too many and i dont really write them down but keep them in my head. i kind of stick to them i think. quite interested to see yours though x

  2. Sgt, Pepper says:

    IT’S snowing on your page!~~~!!!!!

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