And speaking of the depths of winter…

I remember once in London, right near the end of a long, grey Winter, round about the time where it felt like the collective wishing of pasty skinned people would will Spring into arriving sooner, it started to snow.  Little, white flakes of icy betrayal.

My favourite memory of the day it started to snow during almost Spring, was standing in front of a department store window, peering into the most gorgeous, lush display of green palm trees (they must have shipped in from somewhere) and the prettiest mannequins in the prettiest, yellow bikinis.  Summer in a life-sized terrarium.  So there I stood, snow falling all around me, taking in this wonderfully surreal, wonderfully fake, tropical scene of a moment we were all dreaming of.

Cut to 16 January 2013.  The middle of Summer.  And I can’t, for the all sunblock in Dischem, stop being wooed by pictures of cute girls in cute beanies, and cute jackets and cute snow boots.  Winter is just so darn cute.  So here now, as I sip on iced water, and get blasted by the standing fan that could, are some of my favourite looks for Winter.  Just now Winter.  Cute.

If you can’t find me in May, I’ll be at home knitting this beanie and rolling around on my bed trying to achieve this bed head perfection.

I want to be this girl’s friend.  So that in the dead of night I can sneak into her cupboard and steal her shirt, sunglasses and scarf.  It just seems like the right thing to do.

Oh hi Perfect Winter outfit, hi.  Congratulations on being perfect. In every way.

Magical crown braid, red lips and a jersey that makes wearing long, woollen socks and hanging out in front of fire places practically mandatory.  Yes please.

Beanie Girl, Sunglasses Girl, Sweatshirt Girl, Fire place girl (Try as I might, the original source escapes me.  Holler if you know.)

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  1. Bernadette Chin says:

    Love the jacket in the first pic. So gorgeous.
    Thanks for posting upcoming wintery goodness

  2. London Kurt says:

    I totally remember winter in London!! That year that it snowed was just magnificent!! Ameezing even! What I would give to have had my current wardrobe back then :)

  3. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Hey Bernie, I know, I love it too.
    London Kurt! Well said :)

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