At first I thought it was a pet store…

Because I pretty much shop for a living (not nearly as glamourous as it sounds), I am rarely excited by the little boutique stores that pop up all over trendy suburbs.  Especially one that, for some unfounded reason, I thought was a pet store.  But this morning, after breakfast, Mister Ameezing and I wondered into Life Unplugged in 4th Avenue, Parkhurst and discovered a fabulous, little charm bracelet of a shop.  Jewellery (not just the touristy kind), ceramics, lights, art and furniture.  All there and all looking refreshingly, well, fresh.

If you’re in need of a gift, recycled pencil crayons or haven’t heard someone say, ‘I love that, where did you get it from?!’, in a while, head to Parkhurst, have a cappuccino, pat some other people’s dogs and check it out.

Mr Ameezing treated me to a new calculator (I’m a huge stationary nerd), a black rosary and this lovely horse money-box.

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