Blogging and Dating

Let’s talk about blogging and dating.  Oooh.  A lot of the blogs that I follow are written by women who are very happily settled, partnered, married.  Still more are written by gorgeous, edgy single gals who make leather pants look not weird and exist in a world of only good hair days.

What of the in between?  Should one remain quiet until enough time has passed for things to feel a little less new?  Slowly incorporate the other person? Keep quiet all together?  Hey humans, where is the instruction booklet on this?

Blogging, writing the story of moments, always makes things seem more weighted (for better or for worse) than they are.  This thing happened, we were both there and now, now I am writing about it.  On the internet!

And what if it doesn’t work out?!  Do you just continue to take people on the journey of that story? Say things like ‘get back on the horse’ and something about fish and the sea (I solemnly swear to never use either of those.)

I’ve decided to shimmy on with as much honesty as possible.  Here and IRL.  Perhaps a little cryptic at first, or always.  But writing the tale of an adventure (no matter what happens) seems like a damn fine idea.

On that note, Tall One, um, you are the bee’s knees.


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