Camping with Boys

Bottle of water, shopping packet of rubbish hanging in a tree, silver kettle, crazy layered outfit made up of half clothes and half pyjamas, broken sunglasses…what could this possibly be but weekend camping?!

So I went camping with boys.  Five boys.  One brotherfriend and four friends.  Some of the finest boys I know.  It wasn’t always going to be five boys and I, but my dear friend Lauren was too ill to come.  Lauren, the boys were super fun, but holy panda’s toenails, I missed you.

Camping companions:

Justin Grilles, James the Urban Cowboy, Stiaan DSTV Mobile Smith, Ryan the Great Traveller and Ty the Terrific.

Some things I learnt as an amateur (super amateur) camper:

Taking skinny jeans off in a tent is hard.

Don’t have hiking shoes? I took gumboots along and I wore them all the time.  Especially at night to protect against things that creep and crawl.  And if it had rained/poured/hailed, my feet would have remained the driest in all the campsite.

As an amateur, camping with someone who is a pro is the best.  Justin Grilles, you were amazing.  Head lamp, prep table, tupperware of coffee, washing up sponge, pen knife, spare blow up mattresses – kind of amazing.

Forgot your swimming costume? Like moi. Swim anyway.  Clothes dry quicker than you think.  And it is better to have jumped into the freezing cold waterfall pool and swam, than not to have lived at all.  Or something.  Just always swim, okay?!

Marshmallows are mandatory.

 Worth the walk.

 Nature gives you this experience for free!

Swimming in Clothes with Boys (Riding in Car with Boys, sort of? I tried.)


 Fire light.

Lit fire.


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  1. lucille davie says:

    Looks amazing, or should that be ameezing, niece. Where did you go? Ant L.

  2. AntK says:

    Fantastic and awesome and high 5 to you ( 1 for each boy bud )for showing us how its done !

  3. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Thanks AntK x

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