Critical Mass

Now, I don’t want to sound melodramatic or anything, but I think Critical Mass may have been one of the reasons I moved to Joburg almost 12 years ago.

Although I only heard about it a few months back, I think all this time and all this Joburg loving reached it’s peak on Friday night.  Rather magically, the night of a blue moon.  A Spring blue moon.

Critical Mass, an unofficial bike ride on the last Friday of every month, is held in cities all over the world.  People and their bikes, and the night sky.  Just that.  For the people, by the people.

I arrived in Braamfontein with my bike, my skateboard helmet and not one but two Kelloggs Special K bars.  Cyclists were milling around wearing everything from full branded riding gear to jeans and t-shirts.  And there was beer.  I had been worried about my level of cycling fitness (which is just above zero) but when I saw the jeans and the beer and the fairy lights wrapped around bikes, I knew I would be just fine. [Read more...]

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Road Trip for One

A few weekends ago now, I decided to go on a little road trip.  Living in Joburg, I don’t do much alone.  Dinner with friends, walks with friends, adventures with friends.  It suddenly seemed like a really good idea to remember what it felt like to go somewhere alone.  Somewhere unfamiliar and new.  To places where people who made take-away cappuccinos didn’t know my name and the chances of running into those whose stories you share are ghostly.

I packed an over night bag and hit the road.  [Read more...]

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Lost in a Perfect Dream

My incredibly talented little brother, Joel, recently collaborated with the ameezing Elsa Bleda and photographer Ilse Moore to create a series of intoxicatingly, beautiful images called ‘The Spirit of Galatea’.  It suddenly seems as if Joel’s designs were created to dance, simply and ethereally, under water.

Take a look at the whole shoot here.  Congratulations to the entire team behind this extraordinary project.  You guys are ameezing.

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Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

I once opened a Lunch Bar and a moth flew out from inside the wrapper.

Want to knock the socks off people?  Don’t take things personally.  Not taking things personally is like sensitive person’s crack.  Hard to get, but once you have it, woaw.  Things will never be the same.

The unbelievably beautiful photo above is taken by my Mom during snow-gate last week.  My Mom and Dad live in the mountains, this is the view from their verandah.  Lucky Mountain fishes.

The Newsroom.

Wanna read about this one time I almost moved to the mountains? You can right here, lucky city fishes.

I remember before I joined facebook (at least a year after everyone else had) my older brother painstakingly explained how it worked and what all the fuss was about.  My exact words were, ‘But why would I want everyone to see my photos?! And why would I want to see theirs?!’  Shame Ms Ameezing, shamesies. [Read more...]

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You Betcha This is a Post on Snow

It snowed yesterday in Joburg.  If you were here, you would have seen it and if you were anywhere else in the world and even remotely linked to a Joburger, I’m sure you would have heard about it too.

It’s kind of a big deal for us because we are used to blue skies.  Blue skies.  And more blue skies.  The occasional afternoon Summer storm and then more blue skies.  It hasn’t rained for months and then suddenly yesterday, the sky went a strange shade of invisible lilac, and little snow flakes started to silently fall. [Read more...]

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Like my Grandma always used to say, ‘You never go to Roller Derby without seeing a Picasso in real life first.’


So here’s something kind of cool.  Right now, less than 5 kilometres down the road from where I sit in my lounge in this here rocking chair, a mere metal detector walk away, hangs a painting by Picasso.

Last Saturday, hours before yelling my lungs out at Roller Derby (that post coming soon), two friends and I went to the Standard Bank 20th Century Masters Exhibition to take a look. [Read more...]

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One Ameezing Russian Joburger

I’ve never really played group sports, I don’t participate in raffles and in any kind of crowd activity, I usually observe from afar or hide in the bathroom.  My Team Player Points are almost zero.  Blushy face.

But when I saw a link to my friend Ksenia’s new project I couldn’t help but jump on board and click.  And holy panda’s toenails, I’m so glad I did.

Being a long term, full time, pretty much terminal lover of Joburg, it’s always such a wonderous thing to discover other people’s love of this gritty, little, awesome city too.  And Ksenia has it it truck loads:

[Read more...]

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Flying by the seat of my pants. In a skirt.

There are a few places in Joburg where taking photographs is really not allowed.  These places includes Woolworths (oh, the blushy faced, security-guard-tutting trouble I have gotten into), banks, some art galleries and China Mart.  China Mart is a glorious maze of warehouse type spaces where one can buy anything from ‘diamond’ necklaces to purple mannequins to that gorilla mask you have always wanted.

And one cannot take photographs.  Ever.  Not even sneaky phone ones where you make it look like you’re just reading an sms whilst admiring the horizon.  I have taken photographs all over Joburg.  On a sheep farm, at taxidermists, in a jail, in Pep, in churches, in places where I wasn’t supposed to but just coughed and did it anyway.  But never in China Mart.

Until today. [Read more...]

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So I went Speed Dating…

Last Wednesday, the giant pimple on my face and I went Speed Dating.  When my cousin had invited me a few weeks earlier, I absent-mindedly agreed, thinking that I would never really, actually go. At most, I’d maybe just tweet about that one time I almost went Speed Dating.

Wednesday came, along with the most spectacular display of adult acne.  And it was cold.  And I had nothing to wear.  And I reeeally didn’t want to go and meet some crazy man who had gerbils for housemates and thought false nails were a look, for himself.  But then my cousin reminded me of my New Year’s Resolutions and I thought of the blog post material the evening might produce.  Curiosity took over in a force even bigger than my giant pimple, and so off into the cold night air my giant pimple and I went. [Read more...]

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Ghost Stories

Pre-Ghost Tour snacks at our house.  Ghost Pops, Skull Gums and ‘Veins’. Obs.

Pre-Ghost Tour ghosts at our house – Make yours with balloons, sandwich paper and a permanent marker.

On Saturday night, seven of us friends put on as many layers of clothing as we could find and headed out into the freezing (literally) Joburg night to The Mystery Ghost Bus Tour.  The tour is run mostly from a bus (with the locations kept secret and changing with every tour).  And includes two pubs stops and a midnight visit to a graveyard.  Even though I am a huge scaredy cat, I would really like to go back to some of the buildings that we saw and go exploring.  Did you know that there is a castle in Kensington?  Our Kensington?! [Read more...]

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