Next Door To Happiness

On Friday, out of the blue, I discovered my favourite sound.  Runners up include the sound of a baby giggling (I know, I know), the clunky, steaming sound of a coffee machine, when classical musicians breathe between playing, any kind of bell chiming, the mealie lady, the wind, the popcorn popping sound of fingers typing and the music that plays in any romantic comedy when the guy goes to win over the girl.

But on Friday night, my ears smiled their biggest smile.  I was in my bedroom getting ready for Joel’s birthday party, and in the lounge, a group of our friends had gathered for pre-party drinks and pizza.  There was music playing, glasses clanking, at one point someone was reading something from the net and everyone laughed, there was gentle teasing and news and catching up, layers of conversations. Nothing fancy, just being together in the same space.  I sat, with my mascara in my hand, my heart glowing like a determined ember, listening and feeling all tingly with happiness.

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Happy Birthday Baby Brother…

Happy Birthday ameezing Baby Brother.  Your kindness, creativity and just plain ameezingness inspire me every day.

[Ameezing photos borrowed from facebook]

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Tra la la la la, la la la la.

As evidenced by my blogging abstinence, I’ve been super busy at work.  So much so that not one speck of Christmas cheer has made it into my and Joel, the-best-flatmate-in-the-whole-world’s house (I’m usually shamelessly listening to Mariah Carey’s ultimate Christmas album by now).  But no more, dear Ameezings, no more.  I’m heading home to deck the halls with bells of holly, write my list to Santa and have myself a Merry little Christmas.  ‘A Very She and Him Christmas’ playing in the background whilst we decorate our pot plants with tinsel (greener, easier, cheaper) and bake some kind of Christmas sweet treats.  Tra la la la la, la la la la.

[Image via Cup of Jo]

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Dear Mindy Kaling…

Dear Mindy,

May I call you Mindy?  Miss Kaling sounds a little bit like a terrifying music teacher I used to have.

Dear Minds, How the heck are you?

I received your book this weekend.  In the post, just like olden times.  I took my little collection slip to the post office, queued with the grannies buying Powerball tickets and when the moody postal worker handed me a brown Amazon envelope, I literally gulped down a tear or two.  Or seven.  Your book was a suprise gift from my friend The Ameezing Jacqui.  I sat in my car outside the post office, paging through it.  Camilla 0 Tears 100.

Has anyone ever cried over your book?  I guess now they have.

So Minds, I love your book.  It’s funny, smart, unpretentious, honest and with just the right amount of poking fun at your chubby, teenage self.  Everything I aspire to be and do as a writer.

I once proposed to Tina Fey (I am still eagerly awaiting her reply), and would like to not only invite you to the wedding, but also say let’s be friends.  You can regale me with tales of fame and Steve Carell and I can tell you all about life in Joburg and Powerball ticket buying grannies.

If you, Tina and Amy ever need a fourth person for book club or quilting group or ironic aerobics classes, my schedule is always wide open.

Thanks for the book.  Please tell Amy to get writing.


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Five Things Friday

It’s Monday and it’s Five Things Friday, what a day!

As mentioned here, a little while ago on a weekend away in the Magliesberg, we played dress up at dusk.  I was really excited about styling and shooting my friend Lauren.  And holy panda’s toenails, was she brilliant.  A big thank you to Aadil for taking these beautiful photos, to Lauren for diving right in, to the lovely Nola at stuff that’s nice and to Judge, for being the best spur of the moment lighting guy a gal could ask for.

Five Moments At Dusk

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Five Things Friday – A Wednesday Sneak Peek

This ethereal, Victorian beauty of a lady is my friend Lauren.  A few weekends ago, whilst in the Magliesberg, we did a little shoot, just for funsies.  Mostly in an abandoned swimming pool and with a dead turtle for company.  I’m super happy with how the pictures came out and this Five Things Friday I can’t wait to show you some of my favourite shots.

Ooh, and today, Lauren is officially 15 days away from becoming a doctor. Of medicine! Ameezing.

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From One Gleek To Another…

Dearest Cara,

Sam Evans came all the way from McKinley High to wish you a happy birthday!  Thank you for being such an ameezing, fabulous and special friend to us all.  We love you.

Love Sam Evans and Ameezing



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Tabular Key / Margin Release

A little while ago The Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane went to New York.  When she came back, the most ameezing, little treasures came out of her bag and into my disbelieving, overjoyed hands.  There was  a lot of emotion for a pair of hands.  Jewellery made from old typewriter keys, found in a market, somewhere in New York.  I wear them and love them everyday.  Ameezing.

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Make Joel

The Ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren now has a blog! With ‘Fashion Monday’ and ‘Inspiration Wednesday’, it promises to be a visual sneak peak into what inspires Joel and his creative design process.  Ameezing! Check it out here.

The name ‘Make Joel’ comes from rediscovering a cardboard box of childhood bit and pieces.  Inside were all of the birthday cards that Joel had made when he was little.  On the back of all of them, wanting to say ‘Made by Joel’, he had written ‘Make Joel’, in big, scrawly letters.  Cool, no?

[First image via Make Joel]

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Re: Make – Scarf Curtains (And the awesomeness that is living with a fashion designer)

As mentioned on Monday, I was super inspired and excited by the idea of making curtains out of vintage scarves for the awkward smaller window in my bedroom.  Because I’m a no-time-soon recovering scarfaholic,  I picked out the least worn, still loved ones and laid them out on the floor like a scarf curtain puzzle.  ‘Fillers’ were needed so I bought metres of fabric which became the strip along the bottom.

And then…the ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren sewed them all together into this lovely, one of a kind scarf curtain.  Scarf curtains might just be the new bees knees.

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