Going Solo

…deep breath…Mr Ameezing and I are no longer together.  Let’s start there and work backwards.  I have slinky-ed with the idea of talking about this here for the past few weeks.  And in the last day or two (and with Mr Ameezing’s consent) I decided to write about this part of my story.

The details are just for us, but to say it happened and happened for a reason.  Mr Ameezing remains just that.  And my hope is that we will be friends for a long time.

As for me, I find myself in a twi-lit place of being alone but not lonely.  Of believing in love without living it right now.  And of somehow remaining a hopeful, hopeless romantic.  To new adventures, in whatever form they may come.

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Oui, oui, Henri.

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She wore braveness like a wig and pretended not to notice if someone said it wasn’t real.

Let’s talk about braveness.  Boldness.  Living without apology or excuse.  I read (okay snooped) someone’s open notebook the other day and there was a quote that said, ‘We are as responsible for that which we do as that which we do not do’.    Hhmm, so being afraid and doing nothing isn’t an explanation for inaction? Darn it.  I have learnt an unexpected lesson from an unexpected source over the last while.  Doing what makes you happiest and yet for some reason feels the most impossible, takes sacrifice.  A letting go.  Of the secret joy that this thing brings you.  And of the fear that others will not believe that you are able to weave the tapestry of the thing that makes your heart pound, your face smile and your soul feel weightless with euphoria.  So, I’m donning my wig of braveness and hitting the catwalk, come and model with me.  The view is fantastic and the people all clap and smile.

Reposting a picture for a pictureless post.  Taken by Ryan.

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We Can Party If We Wanna…

The Ever Lovely Lindsay Jane is a clever lady.  For months every time I was looking for ribbon, balloons, polystyrene boxes, wigs, glass vases, tiny teddy bear eyes, huge ‘Happy 21st!’ signs, a variety of Halloween costumes and just about anything else party related you could think of, she would say, “You should go to Flowerspot, they have everything”.  And for months I didn’t listen.  Until one day, I packed some padkos, jumped in my car and drove to Woodmead.  Holy pandas toenails, was she right.  And everything, but everything is colour coded.  It’s a bit of a drive from the burbs, but totally worth it.  High five Ever Lovely Lindsay Jane and Flowerspot.  You cats are ameezing.

Flowerspot – (011) 804 5143.  Shop 6 Woodmead Value Mart, Waterval Cresent, Woodmead, Sandton.


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Got Glasses?

Aadil got glasses.  Gee whiskers, they look dreamy on him.  For the Team Jacob fans of Ameezing (you know who you are), here are some pics.



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Panda on a Rocking Horse

After a Monday as bad as this one, only a panda on a rocking horse on a persian carpet could help.  Glad this little guy could oblige.

(Thank you Tumblr for this pic)

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Fancy Pants

I’m not a big quote a quote kind of gal, but this one made me stop and ponder a little longer.

The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. -Thomas Moore

(Photo taken in Thailand)

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Swords and Flowers, Flowers and Swords

For Valentine’s Day (there, I said it) Aadil gave me a beautiful, pink orchid.  Aren’t orchids ameezing?  They are so delicate and serious and look like they belong at Versaille.  I gave Aadil a samurai sword.  He has always wanted one and what better time for a sword than Valentine’s Day?

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Made in China, Living in Joburg

Thank you @Home for this whimsical life advice.  It is pretty and reminds me of dessert.  Ameezing.

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Orphan Images 3 – It’s Summer Outside

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