Cupboard Love

Sometimes I write about love, heartbreak and the challenges of living in Joburg.  Sometimes, I write about reorganising my cupboard.  Today is that sometimes.

In my next life (and perhaps this one too) I would like to be a professional organiser.  Cleanliness, good storage and effective use of space – the sacred Trinity of Martha Stewartness.  So here now, a pictorial documentation of reorganising a cupboard.  This is really about to happen.  Are you spellbound? Are you?!

I like to use the Take-Everything-Out-So-You-Have-To-Finish-The-Job method.  It normally means that things get way, way worse before they get better.  But it does also mean a much more thorough clean and sort.  It also allows for a fresh look and for you to repack everything in a completely new, more space effective way.

Stopping to take selfies (worst word ever) of things I forgot I had.  A braided, knitted head wrap?  Holy Gwyneth Paltrow, yes.

Things I uncovered from the depths of my closet: this cape (obs), three (almost identical) grey knitted beanies, an eighties power jumpsuit (like a power suit but an all in one extravaganza), my wedding dress (I’m no longer married) (the rest of that tale for another blog post), more scarves than the whole cast of Mad Men could ever wear, more than one pair of gumboots and more Woolies winter spencers than anyone under 85 should ever own.  I got rid of half of them.

Pretty things going back home.

Don’t get discouraged if it feels like you’re not getting anywhere.  Part of the effectiveness of the Take-Everything-Out-So-You-Have-To-Finish-The-Job method is that you won’t have a bed to sleep on until you sort through the carnage of a cupboard clean out.

Ta daa.  My goal was to get rid of half of my wardrobe.  I’ll have to settle for a quarter for now.  Still, a much needed clean out.  And a few more teeny rungs up the ladder of Martha Stewardness.

Having a twirl in a cape to celebrate.

Thanks Joelie-Joel for taking the cape photos.

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  1. London Kurt says:

    I must try this method! The Martha Stewardess will surely surpass my procrastination.
    Loving the posts Camilla!!! Keep them up :)

  2. Shmyril says:

    So *that’s* how you do it. I was trying the Just-Stare-At-The-Cupboard-And-Get-Overwhelmed method.

  3. Shmyril says:

    Also, great post. :)

  4. Movan says:

    Well done! The cupboard looks SO organised! x x :-)

  5. Berni Chin says:

    Love it! I also do this, feels wonderful when it’s done.

  6. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Thanks guys :)

  7. Ms. Ameezing says:

    And Shmyril, that sounds like a interesting method, but I can highly recommend this one :)

  8. AntK says:

    Fantastic job well done !!! I am a huge advocate of an annual clean out – esp when it makes space for new .
    Grouping jerseys /tees/tops in same colour together also helps – you realise if you have repetition

Your thoughts/feelings?