Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

I once opened a Lunch Bar and a moth flew out from inside the wrapper.

Want to knock the socks off people?  Don’t take things personally.  Not taking things personally is like sensitive person’s crack.  Hard to get, but once you have it, woaw.  Things will never be the same.

The unbelievably beautiful photo above is taken by my Mom during snow-gate last week.  My Mom and Dad live in the mountains, this is the view from their verandah.  Lucky Mountain fishes.

The Newsroom.

Wanna read about this one time I almost moved to the mountains? You can right here, lucky city fishes.

I remember before I joined facebook (at least a year after everyone else had) my older brother painstakingly explained how it worked and what all the fuss was about.  My exact words were, ‘But why would I want everyone to see my photos?! And why would I want to see theirs?!’  Shame Ms Ameezing, shamesies.

As kids, whenever we took a family holiday to Joburg, Paul Simon’s ‘Diamonds of the Soles of her Shoes’ always seemed to be playing as we drove past Zoo Lake into the suburbs.  To this day, whenever I drive along that road, I still hear it playing somewhere in my memory.

Prem baby babygrows.

This evening I ran into a devilishly handsome colleague of mine at Woolworths.  In the grocery basket he was holding was an assortment of herbs I couldn’t identify (one of them may have been dill), fresh fish (fresh readers, fresh!) and a number of other items that all looked like they belonged at a picnic in an expensive tv commercial for ‘People for Picnics under the Eiffel Tower’.  I was buying one mournful looking packet of soup and low-fat (the fence sitter’s dairy) milk.  Le sigh.

I saw a book today called ‘Help! There’s a stove in my kitchen!’  My birthday is in October.

These are a few of my favourite things.

PS. Let’s be Twitter friends. Yay.








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  1. Faeeza says:

    Love your blog. I really enjoy your style of writing. Looking forward to reading more :)

  2. Movan says:

    Who knew! About the photos! :-)

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