Flying by the seat of my pants. In a skirt.

There are a few places in Joburg where taking photographs is really not allowed.  These places includes Woolworths (oh, the blushy faced, security-guard-tutting trouble I have gotten into), banks, some art galleries and China Mart.  China Mart is a glorious maze of warehouse type spaces where one can buy anything from ‘diamond’ necklaces to purple mannequins to that gorilla mask you have always wanted.

And one cannot take photographs.  Ever.  Not even sneaky phone ones where you make it look like you’re just reading an sms whilst admiring the horizon.  I have taken photographs all over Joburg.  On a sheep farm, at taxidermists, in a jail, in Pep, in churches, in places where I wasn’t supposed to but just coughed and did it anyway.  But never in China Mart.

Until today.

After buying 45 pairs of giant, blue, plastic reading glasses (a tale for another time), I watched as the shop owner tucked my money into her moon bag and then I said, ‘Uh, can I take a photograph of your shop? Please.’  She looked up from her moon bag, squinted a little and then nodded.  Fractionally.  That was all I needed.  I dropped my packet of giant, blue, plastic reading glasses and dashed across the shop.  Snapping not one, but 3, three! pictures of playful paper lanterns.

One day, when I recount this grand tale to my grand babies, I will lament the fact that in my excitement I didn’t think to take a photograph of the whole shop.  How I was blinded by a rainbow of paper lanterns and a chance to take a snap shot of them home with me.  But today, when I look at these colourful little pictures I think of my moon bag wearing, fractional nodding accomplice and grin.  Like crazy.


PS.  Another discount shopping adventure and a blush inducing tale of blushing.


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  1. Movan says:

    Well done! ‘Fractionally’ was all you needed to get you clicking!
    I remember the Woolworth’s incident. [Unless it was one of many?!] :-)

  2. Ms. Ameezing says:

    It was one of many. Blushy face.

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