Frankie Baskind, I presume…

It took an hour and a half to meet Frankie Baskind.  Actually it took nine months and an hour and a half to meet Frankie Baskind.  But boy, was she worth the wait.

It’s a delicious inevitability that the frustration of sitting in Friday night highway traffic for what felt like an eternity, dissolves into nothing but love and warmth when holding a tiny baby on its first day in the world.

There we sat for the few minutes that were left of visiting hour.  Frankie, perfect rosebud mouth, dark mop of hair, hiccoughing but not seeming to mind.  And me, in awe of her perfectness and Kezia and Shaun (her Mama and Papa) for making it look so easy and like such a beautiful act of love.

Frankie and I had a quick chinwag before I had to go (in between hiccoughs). And I think we will be great friends.  Nice to meet you, ameezing Frankie Baskind.

Frankie is happy

So am I

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Wow! What a beautiful baby.
    And you look like a natural holding her Camilla…

  2. MoVan says:

    Two beautiful girls! Welcome to the world, Frankie!

  3. Karin says:

    she is absolutely gorgeous !

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