Good Things Happen In Threes, Ameezing Things Happen In Fours.

This weekend, my parents (who this month have been married for THIRTY SEVEN years, more on that soon) are coming to Joburg to visit.  This is one of my favourite photographs of all time.  It captures who they were at the time so well.  My mother with her whimsical smile and those legs(!) and my father with his ameezing moustache and patterned shirt.  And that VW, those tea cups, that number plate!  Welcome Mama and Papa, we’re so glad you’re coming.


The Joburg Art Fair happens this weekend.  Growing up with an artist dad, my brothers and I spent loads of time in art galleries.  What, at eight years old, felt like a prison sentence, is now one of my favourite things to do.


Joel Janse van Vuuren shows his Autumn/Winter collection at Fashion Week on Saturday.  I have been lucky enough to witness the design process from start and finish and cannot wait to see these beautiful garments on the ramp on Saturday.  Joelie, we love you!


Also on Saturday(!), we shoot the pilot for Shady Valley.  A movie that my brother, The Ameezing Ty, and the Ameezing James, have been working on for over three years.  And tomorrow, after loads of blood, sweat, bubble wrap, latex and not many tears at all, it becomes a reality.  Ty and James, you are inspiring, ameezing and worship worthy and I feel so priviledged to be part of this extraordinary project.


Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Karin says:

    Ameezing week-end ahead !! and also ameezing is that I truly LoVe the writer and all the wonderful talented people in this blog , makes my tiny heart swell with pride and love ! hugs and more hugs

  2. Movan says:

    Thanks, Sweetheart, for all the nice words!! What a FANTASTIC weekend it turned out to be! How proud we are to be the parents of three such wonderful, talented children!!! x x x :-)

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