Goodbye Summer

The shade of green the sky turns just before it hails

Flip flopped feet

Vida Gelatos

So much day after a work day


Naked arms and collar bones



Saying, “Where are you going to Summer this year?”

Bi-monthly bikini waxes

Ludicrously dramatic sunsets

Long, wine filled picnics

Not craving soup

Forgetting what goose bumps feel like

Swimming.  In the ocean, in a dam, in a paddling pool.  Swimming.


The smell of sunblock

Cars that turn into ovens

Chocolate that turns into hot chocolate

Waking up after the sun has

Earth pounding storms

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  1. MoVan says:

    Wonderful word pictures! It’ll all soon be a distant memory. :-(
    But,good news – it’ll be back! :-)

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