Goooooo Rivonia!

I’m an ‘anything north of Illovo should be flattened and turned into forest land’ kind of gal.  Harsh, but true.  Picture instead of saying “I’m going to Monte Casino this weekend”, saying “I’m going to Monte Indigenous Jungle this weekend”.  Ameezing.  A while ago I was driving through the heart of Rivonia and spotted a building covered in what looked like burn victim gauze and worts.  This week, I was ameezed to drive past the same building and see that it had become an art work of greenery.  The plants had grown so well there was scaffolding set up to trim them.  Imagine an entire city of these plant buildings.  Streets and streets of green velvet texture.  Aloe Avenue, Arum Lily Lane.  I would love to live there.  High Five Rivonia.

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