The problem with taking a little blogging vacation is how to come back.  Much like an overseas phone call, do you only speak about the big things that have happened? Tell a few small stories?  Pretend like there hasn’t been a gap and just carry on?!

I’m sure somebody, somewhere would say, ‘Just be yourself.’  So here goes:

I became a ginger.  I have talked about going ginger twi-ice on Ameezing before and then two weeks ago I finally got my brunette be-hind to the hairdresser.

The highlight of the experience was when the lady who had already put hair dye on half of my head said, ‘Are you sure you’re ready to be a red head?  It drives men crazy.’  Start taking your Prozac men, because it happened.

So far my memorable experiences as a red head have mostly come from people who know me but don’t recognise me at all.  And one guy who said I looked like Lana Del Ray.  But I’m still deciding how I feel about that one.

It’s Spring.  As hard as I try not to talk about the weather, I just do, all the darn time.  It has rained and hailed and flowers have blossomed and trees have greened.  All right on time.  I think if the weather was human, I’d really want to be her friend.  I like how She is consistent yet surprising and also kind of does exactly what She wants.  No matter what people say.  High five Lady Weather. 

Palazzo pants.  Are they about to become a thing? I really can’t tell.

My brother Joel, who is a genius and all round ameezing human being, showed at SA Fashion Week on the weekend.  Check out his dark, incredible, spell- binding collection right over here.

Instagram. It’s awesome.

You know that moment in the day that normally happens between 2:45 and 4:30pm?  Somewhere in there, after a day of just never catching up to the minutes that are ticking on, or being overwhelmed by too many versions of communication, or just having a good old fashioned bad day, and then suddenly, somewhere between 2:45 and 4:30pm something happens.

A different something every time.  A cup of coffee, the timing of a glance up that allows a glimpse of sun through a tree that you never noticed before, a stranger making you laugh, a phone message that makes you smile and then read aloud, maybe even more than once.  This moment wears many ballgowns, but is always recognisable as the heart beat where you know that everything is going to be okay.  That all those Pinterest saying were right, everything will work out just fine.  And just like that, you have the ropes of the day’s go cart again and you’re ready for the race.  Just like that.

I am a few sleeps away from 32 years old.  And I’m not even a little bit ashamed to say I am freaking out.  Around this time of year I always start to do the math.  32 is 8 years from 40.  32 is half way to 64.  By this age the generation before me had… By this age I thought I would be… By this age I didn’t plan on still ending my sentences with…

I don’t know. Age is one slippery, little fish.

Fellow bloggers and life livers here’s a question for you:  How does one date and blog at the same time? ‘Hello new person, oh yes, I write all kinds of personal details about my life on the internet for all the world to see and a small, but awesome group of people read it.  Yes, let’s go for milkshakes and play footsie footsie.’  I haven’t quite got it figured out yet.  Also, I have never been on a milkshake and footsie footsie date before. Not even at milkshake and footsie footsie date going age.

Age. 32 years old. Waaah.

You Guys! It’s lovely to be back. Ameezing, in fact. Smiley face.


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  1. Movan says:

    Welcome back, Ms.Ameezing! :-)
    Lady Weather has changed into her strappy tops down here, trailing May, Peach blossoms and Banksia Roses behind her!
    Yes! to Joel’s amazingness, he’s one creative soul.
    Yes! Your new look is wonderful! Could be straight out the family gene pool too! :-)
    You have become so much in your nearly-thirty-two-years. We’re VERY proud of you!! x x :-)

  2. AntK says:

    …. well 32 is only 11 short years on from when you were 21 !
    and look how much you have acomplished since being 21and how confident and courageous you are today … exactly because of the last 11 years !So the future can only get better
    Your hair is SO AMAZING ! it suits your skin tone perfectly , I luf it !
    P.S. have to admit I really did miss Ameezing

  3. Bailey says:

    YAY! You are back. And love the red hair. Very brave. Very awesome.

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