Here is my lounge moments before hosting its first party of 2013.  It did very well.  This year, as seems to be a general movement, I really want to spend more time with friends at home. Entertain more.  Entertain with the ease of someone who always has ice and olives.  And champagne.

Here I am, holding a giant ball of wool in a tiny holiday town in December.  I borrowed this picture from my brother Joel (joeljanse on instagram). Joel has just been in British Vogue. The British Vogue.  High Five Little Genius.

Fear not Fashionistas, here are my style secrets: my shirt is from a charity store ten years ago (I mean, thrifted) and my hair has been styled using days of frizz-inducing coastal humidity and not washing.  Thank you.

Here is the picture where I confess that I ate McDonalds this weekend.  Oh the weird, delicious, nauseating shame.  Does it make it any better that I watched the new period drama ‘The Paradise’ at the same time? Watching people eat a meal with six different kinds of silver forks as I eat french fries with my hands.  The past meeting the present.  Oh how the past would shake their heads and send us off to live with a strict aunt in the country.

And how was your weekend?  Tell me everything!

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  1. Bernadette Chin says:

    I love the idea of a multi-course meal. Five forks indeed!
    We had a lovely weekend, went up to the Sunshine Coast for Cetherine’s mums surprise 60th. And surprise it was, dropped bag and sunnies as well as standing in stunned disbelieving silence. So ameezing. Here’s to good fun with good friends. Xoxo

  2. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Bernie, sounds awesome. You know it was a genuine surprise when there is bag and sunglasses dropping, ameezing xxx

Your thoughts/feelings?