Hi ho, hi ho…

I look for things for a living.  I could romanticise it and say I create imagined worlds in which anything is possible.  But truthfully, I spend my time looking for stuff, all kinds of stuff.  From coffins to hundreds of plastic flies to livestock milking machines to be turned into man nipple milking machines (“Tired of your current insurance company milking you for all you’re worth?”).  If ‘Where?’ is the question I can scout out the answer.

When you’re sourcing something you become, for a day or two at least, a pseudo expert on the thing you’re looking for.  Normally your crash course comes from the actual expert and you learn by asking questions.  The secret is remembering the answer. ‘No, you can’t get it in orange!?  That part comes from America.  They only come in pairs.  I only have the one.  It will never hold a camera.  This fish can survive in different water for 6 hours’.

Yesterday I went looking for cars, cool cars.  I like car people.  And the fascinating appreciation they have for an industry that I don’t really know much about.  One car salesman said to me, ‘Why’d they send you, love?’

Here are some of my finds.

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  1. kez says:

    “no sorry you cant drill in the wall”

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