Hide and Seek

Hey You Guys! Remember that time I said, ‘I’m back!’ and then didn’t blog for ten whole days?  Blushy face.  So, I’m retracting my backness.  I’m not back, because I was never gone.  This is a long conversation we’re having here, you and I.  And sometimes, we’ll sit in silence for a while and look out of the window as the scenery whizzes by.  And sometimes, there will be words raining down around us like that scene in ‘Limitless’.

But I’m always here.  Trying to be a little more consistent.  Sometimes getting it right and sometimes just curling up to re-watch yet another Newsroom episode.  I swearsies, if The Newsroom was on VHS I’d have to borrow your copy by now because mine would definitely be stretched and worn out.

Often, I really struggle with what to say here.  You see, I’ve gotten brave with words now, they don’t scare me nearly as much as they used to.  But writing the kind of posts that take braveness also take time.  I have a draft section filled with almost finished posts (and some of them don’t even have the word ‘divorce’ in them!).  But its the inbetweeners that make me scratch my head like a cartoon character.

A lot of the blogs that I follow and love are written by lifestyle mommy bloggers (surprise, surprise) and most of their content is about their children, their lives and some rather delicious looking recipes that one day, by golly, I will try.  A few of the other bloggers that I follow are fashion bloggers, living in NYC, the big, golden delicious of all things ameezing.  And their content is always, always beautifully shot, mostly outfits of the day, against wonderfully grainy, glamourously gritty New York backdrops.

And then there’s Ameezing.  My little middle child of a project slash passion slash love slash happiness.  Occasionally, I really wish I had gorgeous looking kids or a penchant for making photogenic cookies because then this would be much simpler.  You can bet your bottom dollar that those babies and those biscuits would be plastered all over here.  ‘You Guys!’, I’d say, ‘Check out Max in his new Gap skinnies and red plaid shirt and baby beanie eating this delicious Soy-Milo crunchie I just baked. Recipe Below. Smiley Face.’

The little girl in the photo above is playing Hide and Seek with her big sister in their family’s fabric warehouse.  I am not sure if there has ever been more awesome territory for Hide and Seek than a maze of rows and rows of ceiling high rolls of fabric.  She always skipped out the number 6 when counting to 10.  And never put that little pink handbag down, even when chasing after her sister, both of them shrieking with Hide and Seek terror and delight.

Tiny stories, within stories, within days that are sometimes not even your own.  Maybe stories of biscuits and babies can wait.

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  1. Gilli says:

    That pic is a KILLER. It’s killing me. I’m dead.

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