Huggin’ it out with Imperfection

Dear Blog,

How are you?  I am ameezing.

Here is some news from my side.  Despite my giant, alien shaped head, terrific under bite and not so perfect pearly whites, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me.

Why Dear Blog?  Because I am huggin’ it out with imperfection.  No more will lack of snazzy cameras, high heeled shoes and New York backgrounds stand in the way.

This is my story and this is what it looks like.  I don’t really know how to not stand like a new born baby T-Rex, it’s hard to look anywhere but down and sometimes the pictures won’t even be in focus (sharp inhale from fancy pantses everywhere) but I want to remember this stuff, I want to get better at this stuff, I want to stop using fear as a reason to not do stuff.

And I like that in a time of so much gloss (and hey, I love the gloss too) I can take pictures of a moment because it is happening.  Even though it may be a little dark and/or my T-Rex stance in particularly T-rexy that day.

So I’m holding hands with this stuff and skipping off into the sunset.  On camera, obs.

Let’s do this!

Love Camilla

My jacket is from Zara.  Wearing it makes me feel like the secretary of a rock band.  On tour but also making sure they all eat balanced meals and remember to take their vitamins.

A thank you.

And thanks Joelie-Joel for taking these pictures.

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