I do. And so do two billion others.

When my friend, Lauren, was a little girl she told her Mom that she wished that princesses were real and not just in fairy tales.  She was absolutely delighted when her Mom told her that they were and showed her pictures of Princess Diana on her wedding day.  Little lauren told me this story while we stood on a crowded street in Thailand surrounded by smartly dressed Thai school children, all waiting for the Prince and Princess of Thailand to arrive for the opening ceremony of a temple.  They drove past in an old car and the Princess waved and smiled.  She looked graceful and magical, everything a princess should be.

I love the suspension of disbelief of a Royal Wedding.  Before and after dissolve away.  We glimpse royalty and it at once feels more mystical yet more tangible than ever.  Ameezing.

[Photo from The Guardian]

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  1. MoVan says:

    Yes! Princesses are the stuff of fairy tales! And isn’t our latest one looking beautiful?! :-)

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