I Nearly D.I.Y -ed

Firstly, this post may win some kind of award for worst title ever.  Secondly, I sort of love a good-bad play on words.  Thirdly, I like making things that I wouldn’t usually buy.  I’m not really a ‘I could make that at home myself’ kind of gal.  So when I do D.I.Y, it’s normally to make something that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

With Summer on our doorsteps it was time to find a new way to house my tangle of hardly used necklaces.  Two old picture frames from a charity store (both for the price of a take away coffee), some dusty pink velvet, a few gold hooks, a lick of white paint and there wah, my necklaces and head bands have never felt snazzier.



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  1. Karin says:

    Oh you clever clever you !
    I am sure the frames are so much happier now too !

  2. Movan says:

    Great before and afters! :-)

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