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Six different locations in three days, 4am call times and difficult clients make for all work and no play.  And most tragically, no blogging for what feels like an eternity.  But I am back! Still very much in search of all things ameezing…

Going into people’s homes to make commercials is a funny thing.  You shake hands, say ‘Nice to meet you’ and minutes later you’re rifling through their kitchen cupboards looking for the perfect fruit bowl for that sunlit kitchen cereal advert.  For a few hours or days, you get to know their fridge magnets, their bathroom cupboards, what they keep in that draw in the hallway that is usually full of homeless keys and old postcards.  Weird.

The silver lining of this bizarro cloud is getting to feed one’s insatiable desire for snooping and to see how other people really live, in their space, the stuffing of their lives.  From tiny, corrugated iron shacks in Soweto to grand, old Herbert Baker houses in the suburbs to tiny town cottages untouched by time and Mr Price (I now know what a home-made bread knife looks like.  Steel pole, putty, sharpened piece of metal.  Boom), peeking into the way people live is a fascinating, surreal and ameezing experience.

I Spy:

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  1. little one says:

    i love that, “the stuffing of people’s lives”.

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