Into the Light

I realised last night that these three pictures, from a very busy but good last few days, were destined to live in a post together.

This week I found myself set dressing ‘nice looking’ rubbish into a bin for a shoot (sur-real), waking up before 5am 5 days in a row, having the most fun at a grown up (but most fun) birthday party.  Gilli, you’re a party throwing genius.  And hugging my friend Ryan as much as I could.  Which will be a general theme over the next few months.

Have a great weekend.

High five made of rainbows,

Ms Ameezing

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  1. Shmyril says:

    Great photos! What an eye…

  2. London Kurt says:

    I am enjoying the spontaneous insights!! Keep them coming :)

    P.s. Is the last photo a tuk tuk????

  3. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Hey Shmryil, thanks :)
    Hey London Kurt, thanks and yip, a Joburg tuk tuk :)

  4. Gilli says:

    Why thank you! So pleased to have pleased you.

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