iPad ShmiPad…

Last week, Mr Ameezing and I celebrated one year together.  We had fancy dinner plans which we had to postpone because of working late and Icelandic temperatures outside.  So we substituted with dvds and take aways of msg (with some Lucky Moo on the side).  Mr Ameezing walked through the front door holding a black case and wearing a big smile saying, ‘Bet you don’t know what this is’.  I rolled my eyes and replied, ‘It’s an LP case, to carry LPs.  I’m old but not crazy, you know’.

With the patience of a man who has more patience than any other man in the whole wide world he smiled and said, ‘Shame, you’re not old, just crazy.  Open it’.

And inside, dear reader, was this typewriter.  In immaculate condition, just so.  A case to carry LPs, shame indeed.  Given to its previous owner by her mother, it had sat in her cupboard unopened since the 40′s.  I have dreamt of owning a typewriter since before I started wearing a bra, and suddenly, given to me by my beloved, there it was.

Mr Ameezing, you are just that.  I love you.

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  1. Ant C says:

    I think this Mr Ameezing is a keeper! Hope to meet him soon! I’ll be in the US next week if you need me to pick up a new ribbon. Yours looks a tad bit … let’s say ‘tired’! Oh, and happy anniversary!

  2. ameezing says:

    Ant C, that would be…ameezing. Thank You :)

  3. Danya says:

    That is ameezing love. You guys give me hope. May you have many, MANY more ameezing years together :) .

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