This is my friend James.  I met James the day I moved to Johannesburg eleven years ago.  A good friend and housemate of my brother’s at the time, he walked into the kitchen all rock and roll Peter Pan and there I stood, heart all a flutter, wearing terrible jeans and oozing small town naivety.

A decade and a bit later he is one of my best friends and an excellent secret keeper and perspective giver.  Unknowingly he has taught me the importance of believing in yourself and being able to laugh at yourself, to see beauty in things that normally go unnoticed, given me a fascination with the peculiar and coached me to be nice to boys about their cars.  Even if you don’t understand them (cars, not boys).

Thank you James, you are Ameezing.

Also, thank you Ryan for capturing moments like this one on holiday.  We celebrated ten different countries New Years.  This is somewhere between Hawaiian New Year and Russian New Year.  Ameezing.

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