Par-eee Jaytem



Hark here, a reposted, lovely, short film on Paris.  Everything about this little movie is ameezing.  When I was 18 I went to Paris to be an au pair for a 4 year old girl and a baby boy who was born two weeks after I arrived.  I walked into Charles De Gaulle airport a gym crazed, small town teenager and came back to South Africa looking like a COD playing 16 year old boy.  All lumpy with a terribly short hairstyle (always take a translator when getting a haircut in a foreign land).  But completely and utterly besotted with Paris and all of it’s gritty, ancient, sophisticated beauty.

And I got over crazy gyming and discovered french ice-cream and pain au chocolat (in english that sounds like ‘pain of chocolate’, which is what it feels like when your jeans won’t close after 3 weeks of Parisian life.)  Yet totally worth every straining button.  Mostly I began to feel a different heart beat pounding through my blood.  Of buildings that had seen centuries of stories and of women so chic they were postcards waiting to happen.  Paris, I love you.

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    Just makes you want to rush right on over, doesn’t it? :-) What a great short movie!

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