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I used to have looong hair.  Always up, never swooshy and flowing like a beauty queen’s hair in a conditioner ad.  But long, none the less.  And then I got divorced and I was super determined not to be the cliche’ of a crying, single girl with tissues in one hand and a pair of scissors to chop all my own hair off in the other.

My single gal Rapunzel locks lasted 6 months until I woke up one morning, drove to my hairdresser, waited 3 coffees worth of time (I hadn’t made an appointment) and then begged her to cut all my hair off before I did.  Which I really would have, right there in the salon with the closest sharp object I could find.

She quickly obliged and for the next couple of years I looked sort of like the love child of Mia Wallace and Natalie Portman’s character in The Professional.  It was fun.  And involved a lot of people (mostly strangers in Woolworths check out queues) tugging at my hair and telling me what a good wig it was.

It felt new and brave and dangerous…in a very non-dangerous, suburbian kind of way.  Men liked long hair and mine was short.  Ha ha, take that, men.  I wore it like a cape, like a mask, like a crown of newness.  A phoenix from the ashes, with a bob.  Strange how strong the illusion of power hair can bring.  This dead stuff growing out of the top of your head.  The Emporer’s New Clothes of personal armour.

After a while, my hair began to feel less like a statement about who I was or wanted portray and more about well, dead stuff growing out of the top of my head.  It’s long again now, although still not really swooshy and flowing like a beauty queen’s hair in a conditioner ad.

We’ve made a deal, my hair and I.  It will try to keep crazy, Hillary Clinton bad hair days to a minimum and I will try not to place too much emotional value or importance on it, as long as it continues to strive for the ultimate goal of looking like Ariel.  High five hair.


PS. Speaking of hair – I also wrote about what getting a bikini wax feels like.


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  1. Milly says:

    Love this one Mills. So talented.

  2. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Thanks Milly :)

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