Joel Janse van Vuuren is Ameezing! And my brother! Yessssss.

I am fortunate enough to be the sister and housemate of the ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren.  Since moving to Joburg at the beginning of this year Joel has humbly and brilliantly taken the fashion world by storm, starting with a standing ovation at Fashion Week in March this year .  Joel’s designs are whimsical, beautiful, unlike anything else I have seen before and completely delicious to wear.  And I am lucky enough to have many of them hanging in my cupboard.  Check out his website here.  And below are just a few of magazines he has been in this year.  I am a super proud sister.  Joel, you are ameezing and can’t wait to see what happens next…

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  1. Karin says:

    truly AMEEZING talent
    p.s. – that’s the writer & the designer

  2. Movan says:

    Yes! I agree Karin! We are SO proud of them. :-)

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