Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


I’d sell my puppy to be in Underberg at my parent’s house today, where at about two this afternoon it started to snow.  In my head, I imagine snow always falls to the sound track of those light Christmas bells in Romantic Christmas comedies.   I heard those bells today, chiming away when I saw these pictures.

Mama in the Snow

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  1. Movan says:

    I like the idea of bells and snow! There is a sound that fills the air when snow is falling though, a soft non sound somehow.

  2. Sam says:

    Snow pic looks amazing

  3. Lucille Davie says:

    Camilla – every time I read your blog I feel a surge of happiness, like a gentle wave rushing gently up to me on the beach, and encircling my feet and legs. Your love of Joburg and of life and your astute observations are invigorating. Don’t ever stop. love, ant L.

  4. ameezing says:

    Thank you, Ant L x

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