Like astronauts miss gravity

Like a fattie on diet misses Smarties

Like Oprah would miss Gail

Like Aero would miss bubbles

Like we all miss the hazy days of the World Cup

Like Kate Moss misses Topshop

Like a reformed nun misses kissing

Like Kylie misses Donovan

Like Mark Zuckerberg misses the twins

Like your beetle misses you

Like Posh misses carbs

Like the Karoo misses hail

Like Harry misses Hermione

Like a stamp collection misses tongues

Like. A lot.

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  1. Bernadette Chin says:

    Well said and I second that! Loved the Kyle’s line too!

  2. Karin says:

    well said , it certainly is extremely hard when friends are so very far away ,and you would just love to have a coffee,chat and a hug with them

  3. Waleenie says:

    Like we miss you xx

  4. little one says:

    was the kylie one from the 80′s? i dont understand it…

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