Make Joel

The Ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren now has a blog! With ‘Fashion Monday’ and ‘Inspiration Wednesday’, it promises to be a visual sneak peak into what inspires Joel and his creative design process.  Ameezing! Check it out here.

The name ‘Make Joel’ comes from rediscovering a cardboard box of childhood bit and pieces.  Inside were all of the birthday cards that Joel had made when he was little.  On the back of all of them, wanting to say ‘Made by Joel’, he had written ‘Make Joel’, in big, scrawly letters.  Cool, no?

[First image via Make Joel]

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  1. Movan says:

    That’s so great! Always good to know the beginnings of something special. Really nice to have Ameezing and now MAKE JOEL sharing their thoughts with us!! :-)

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