Some day soon, I would very much like to have a son called Max.  Max would most likely wear t-shirts with dancing bears on them and eat all the orange smarties first and be obsessed with dinosaurs and those little, green army soldiers with plastic parachutes.

We could go on adventures in the garden together and do experimental cooking with chocolate chips and zoo biscuits.  And craft, oh the crafty crafter crafting that would happen.  Space rockets and pet slinkies.  Pictures on the fridge made of buttons and prestick and determination.  Watching ‘The Incredibles’ one million times.

Maybe my daydream is a little odd (okay, and sad) but that’s alright.  That’s what daydreaming is for.

PS.  Some Ameezing Little People Fashion.

[Photo Source Unknown - Holler if You Do]

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  1. Movan says:

    Day dreaming about having a child..? Neither odd nor sad. What a wonder and a privilege! x :-)

  2. gemsbygems says:

    Ha! I have had an imaginary son called Sam for years… Maybe one day Sam and Max will be friends and laugh about their crazy mums who loved to daydream about them before they were even created. X

  3. ant L says:

    Dillon used to love dinosaurs. I made him dinosaur shorts and dinosaur curtains and dinosaur duvet cover. He used to test me on dinosaur facts, and I got into trouble if I got the answers wrong. Ah, he was so dinosaur cute.

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