Meanwhile in Winter…

Whilst we here in the Southern hemisphere sun tan, eat ice cream and admire our not-so lily-white any more toes, my friend Little Lauren and her man, Justin, are on holiday in the Czech Republic, skiing, drinking hot chocolate and visiting castles.  Little lauren sent me an email of news, included was a story of the first snowman that she has ever built.  Reading it made me want to hug her and tell her how grateful I am that we are friends.  High Five Little One.

Its snowing here and we built a snow man today. I loved every moment. We gave him charcoal eyes, a carrot nose, little pieces of charcoal for a mouth, stick arms, some buttons and a scarf. His name is Eddie. The snow stopped today and will probably melt tomorrow but when it snows again we’ll make Edwina.’


PS.  More on Little Lauren here and here.

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